The Truth About Animal Fats

More and more studies are coming out about the dangers of animal fats. Not only do they clog your arteries but make you put on weight. I will give you more shocking information.

If you are eating large amounts of fats in your diet then you are significantly raising your risk of cancer.

If you are a woman eating a lot of fats in your diet, including the hidden fats such as cheeses, meats etc, then you are increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Here are some countries that are compared to how much fat is eaten to how many women died of breast cancer:- Belgium, Denmark, France, The Netherlands.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, they eat very little meat and dairy products breast cancers are very rare.

When a man eats lots of animal fats, those fats are turned into male hormones called Androgen ( that contribute to the growth and reproduction in both men and women). In our society when a man reaches the age of 60 or 70 and his prostate gland starts to get big, the doctor might say that it’s a sign of getting old, but this is incorrect information. What the problem is 60 to 70 years of androgens passing through the prostate gland, that’s why it grows in size. So prostate cancer is the number one killer in men.

So if you compare again how many men died of prostate cancer to how much fat is eaten in certain countries of the world then you would see the more fat that is eaten in a country the more men died of prostate cancer. Once again it is a very rare disease in Thailand, where the people eat rice and vegetables.

So Animal fats the clog up the arteries and increase your risks for a number of types of cancers.

I have described the problem of eating animal flesh and that includes chicken and fish. Fish has a large amount of fat in it and chicken flesh is very fatty food, do not be fooled that chicken meat is lean meat it’s not, there is just as much fat in chicken as there is in beef. Animal muscle is animal muscle. When you eat it, it will raise the level of fat in your blood. The other problem of eating animal flesh it has to much protein. Protein is the building block material that you use to make the hard structures of your body. Now the body doesn’t need to much protein. You only need about 30 grams per day. A typical American will consume about 150 grams of protein, this is to much. Why? because your body cannot store protein. So what happens is your liver starts breaking down that protein, and as it starts to metabolize, it will then release all sorts of toxic nitrogen containing waste like Urea, Ammonia and amino acid fragments. These will have a negative affect on the body because as all these amino acid wastes go through your kidneys it makes you lose Calcium out of your urine. Why does this happen? because it there are fundamental differences between animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein contain amino acids that has sulphur and sulphur makes more acid in the body, and as the acid wash through the bones they dissolves calcium out of the bones.

Animal protein is very concentrated, the muscle in a animal is the most concentrated protein on the planet. So there would be a large amount of protein that goes into your bloodstream as soon as you eat it.

Plant protein is mixed with fibre. When you eat wholegrain rice or wholegrain barley it take many hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream. So eat less acid nature plant protein and slow absorption rate means it will be much more gentle on the gut and will not pull calcium out from your body. The word for pulling calcium out from the body is called protein induced Hypercalciuria an abnormally high amount of calcium going out into the urine.

When you eat a large amount of animal protein either red meat, chicken, fish or even milk the acid nature of the protein washes through the bones, dissolves the calcium which then goes out into the urine. So every time you eat a piece of chicken or a piece of fish for the next 3 or 4 hours you will urinate calcium out of your body down the toilet. Many researchers have stated that a high protein diet cause a negative calcium balance, even if you are taking calcium supplements. Osteoporosis is one of causes of this continued eating of a high protein diet.

This is also very important, when the meat enters the colon the large intestine the bacteria in the large intestine breakdown the meat protein and the bile acids that delivers secrets to digest them, this can sometimes take up to 2 weeks, while at the same time the body will produce a build up of mucus. Then breaks these substance down into cancer causing substances carcinogens called benzo pyrene and nitrosamine, and if you smear these cancer causing substances on the inside of your colon, this is what causes cancer of the colon in meat eating people, you very rarely see this in plant base eaters. You will lower your risk substantially by eating a more plant base diet. numerous studies have shown this to be the case.

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