The plant HEMP was our most useful plant, it is highly nutritious. Hemp was planted on the grounds of Chernobyl to clean the air and soil, after the radioactive disaster.

Firstly Hemp is not marijuana it is vastly different. CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is the compound found in cannabis. Cannabis has two major compounds THC which is the part that gets you high and there is CBD which is the healthy nutritional part.


Regulates blood pressure to normal, seizures cures. It is the cure for cancer, it has all the nutritional values. It cures skin cancer in 3-7 days once you apply the oil on the skin, then the cancer just falls off. It is the best colon cleanser there is. Hemp seeds, you can put it on your salads or in your food. It is so powerful, but yet so cheap.

CBD has cannabinoids properties which are broken down into four categories’:

Antiproliferative: prevents cancer cells from reproducing.

Antiangiogenic: prevents formation of new blood vessels needed by tumours to grow.

Antimetastatic: prevents cancer from spreading to other organs.

Apoptotic: Induces the cell to seek its own death, the cannabinoids speeds up the death of abnormal cells, without disturbing the normal cells around it.

This is also very effective for brain cancer because the cannabinoids can pass through the blood brain barrier because of their slippery fat nature and get right into the brain cancer cells by moving easily through the cells membrane.

It also promotes bone growth, reduces anxiety, regulates the blood pressure in the eyes and reduces the risk of artery blockage.

If you have cancer; check with your doctor to find out what your cancer cell count is. Even with a cancer cell count of 5000 and over which would be a stage 4, by consuming about 3 grams per day or twice a day of hemp oil on the tongue, will start to destroy the cancerous cells. Or depending on the individual’s health they would consume anywhere from 300-1000 milligrams per day.

I hope that this has helped you, and don’t forget to continue with you own research.

Take care until my next post in 2 weeks

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The Powerful mineral Selenium

It is a mineral that is found in the soil. Selenium naturally appears in the water and some foods, the amount though is dependent on the richness of there being any selenium in the soil.

Selenium is the most important mineral for our immune system.

Selenium is a dietary-essential trace mineral that is critical to the body’s defence against cancer and other illnesses involving free radicals.

1996 was a landmark year, for a study that was performed on a large group of people, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 1996: 276 : 1957-1963). That a daily supplementation of 200 micrograms of selenium cuts the cancer death rate in half. Also reduces:

Lung cancer by 39%

Prostate cancer by 69%

Colon cancer by 64%

Hepatocellular carcinoma (Liver cancer) by 35%

Breast cancer by 82%

Selenium is like a mechanical worker that repairs cells. It goes into the inner part of the cell which is called the nucleus of the cell where you have your DNA and genome and it searches and repairs damage. Selenium contains an enzyme called Glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body. Glutathione are like foot soldiers of the body’s antioxidant network. It destroys peroxides (the toxins) and so protect cellular membranes and so maintain its function.

Selenium also has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects. It reduces the ability for the virus to replicate. So it’s good for people with allergies, autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, wart, hay fever.

It also dilates the arteries, which will stop a person from getting a heart attack.

You can get selenium in liver, which is good source. I would prefer to supplement.

If you need to contact me you can via email :

See you again in 2 weeks

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How To Reverse A Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease means you have extra fat in your liver. You might hear your doctor call it hepatic steatosis. Heavy drinking makes you more likely to get it. Too much alcohol leads to a build up of fat inside your liver cells. This then will make it harder for you liver to work.

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is when you have inflammation and liver cell damage, as well as fat in your liver. Inflammation and liver cell damage can cause fibrosis, or scarring, of the liver.

How to reverse this; eat green leafy vegetables because they contain high level of antioxidants and micronutrients that boost digestion and metabolism. Walnuts are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon which will reduce fat accumulation in the liver. avocados, sunflower seeds.

Reduce you alcohol and sugar consumption.

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Reasons to Consume Folic Acid

Folate, and its synthetic counterpart folic acid, are also known as vitamin B9. This vitamin is essential for forming and repairing our DNA and producing red blood cells. Not getting enough folic acid in our diets can lead to a deficiency in a few weeks.

Folic acid can be taken as a supplement, also it’s found in a wide range of foods. It can be found in: –

Leafy greens – broccoli, spinach and lettuce

Fruits – bananas, lemons and melons

Vegetables – asparagus, okra, Brussel sprouts


Dried beans, peas, lentils and nuts


The average adult needs around 400 micrograms of folate each day, however, in pregnancy this should be increased to 600 micrograms daily. Folic acid is recommended for all women who wish to conceive and those early stages of pregnancy, as it helps prevent neural tube defects such as Spina bifida. The results of studies have shown that taking the prescribed amount of folic acid before and during early pregnancy can prevent up to 70% of neural tube defects.

Folate Deficiency Anaemia

Folate deficient anaemia can naturally occur in people who are suffering from malnutrition and those who don’t follow a healthy diet. It can also be a problem for people who have malabsorption issues, such as those with coeliac disease and IBS. Patients on kidney dialysis and those with sickle cell anaemia.


Folic acid is thought to be especially helpful in cases of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. It is also recommended for those people suffering from age-related hearing loss and preventing macular degeneration. Folic acid plays a positive role in helping to prevent osteoporosis and restless leg syndrome.

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How To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death amongst men and women worldwide. More people die from heart disease than cancers combined. Which is roughly 17 million people per year. This is due to arterial plaque caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and smoking. By making making lifestyle changes such as following a healthy diet, staying active, and reducing or even eliminating use of harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol, individuals can reduce their chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

It may be possible to cut heart disease deaths in half, say researchers in Sweden. A Swedish research study, published in the International Journal of Cardiology, found that by combining Selenium and CoQ10, mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases were reduced by almost 50%.

Selenium is one of only a few supplements to hold Qualified Health Claims with the FDA: Selenium may reduce the risk of colon, prostate, bladder, thyroid and other cancers. Selenium is an essential mineral with antioxidant benefits that supports many other areas our health, including cognitive function and immunity.

Benefits of COQ10

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is found in almost every cell in the body. Your body actually makes its own CoQ10 so that your cells can use it to produce energy needed for your growth and maintenance.

CoQ10 and Selenium work together to improve cell efficiency. CoQ10 helps protect the outer membrane (mitochondria) of sick cells, thereby making cells more efficient at releasing energy. Oxidative stress is known to accelerate the aging process and chronic disease, and both CoQ10 and Selenium have been well known by researchers for their ability to protect people, especially the elderly. As we reach age around 80 years or so, almost half the mitochondria in our cells have been depleted. CoQ10 is known to replenish the compounds in the mitochondria thus giving a boost in energy output, because the human heart requires so much energy it is easy to see why CoQ10 is so beneficial.

So astonishingly that after 10 years of taking CoQ10 and Selenium you will reduce your risk of a heart attack, strokes, or heart failure by 49%.

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Understanding the P.H Factor Brings Healing

See the source image

The P.H value, has a lot to do with healing. Did you know that the Courts of Law foundational basis for healing someone legally is quoted in the bible that ” the herbs are for the healing of the nation”. This is very important.

The great Greek Physician Hippocrates also know as the “Father of Medicine” used herbs to cure disease, and that he cured every disease known to man. So why are herbs so important to our health? Life does not exist is in a acid environment, only in a alkaline environment .

It is required of us to maintain a P.H value of 7 or more which is Alkaline. If are internal bodies are 6.9 or less then this is a acid state. So then herbalist started to test different types of herbs to know their p.h value. Garlic, Aloe Vera, Rose hip, Peppermint, even Carrot juice, is extremely acid but yet some of these herbalists are still recommending these herbs.

Some Alkaline herbs are Burdock, yellow dock, Elderberry. So it is really important to know what herbs are Acid to what herbs are Alkaline.

Alkaline based herbs are Electrical, which in turn electrify a human cell, allowing the human cells to do it’s work.

All diseases grow in a acid environment, Cancers love this. Acid produces mucus and mucus produces disease. So once again we need to know what foods that we a putting in our gut. A Alkaline environment does not produce disease.

Next month I will give you herbs and plant based foods that you should eat.

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Natural Super Healing

We all have an advance detoxification processes that accelerate healing. Unfortunately, symptoms of this fast-charging cleansing can be misinterpreted. By understanding what’s happening, you can enhance your ability to process toxins, turning a healing ‘crisis’ into an opportunity.

What is a Healing Crisis ?

We often accumulate toxins faster than we can process and eliminate them. This is due to the volume of toxins in our environment, immune suppression, bio-energy deficits, and mineral malnutrition. The body needs quite a lot of nutritional, and energetic, resources to safely manage toxicity.

Fortunately, the body can ‘hide’ toxins, preventing them from damaging cells, until there are enough resources for detoxification. The ‘healing crisis’ is a powerful immune response, like a super-spring-clean, that can only be initiated when the body has enough nutrients, and energy, to get thoroughly clean.

How do we Heal ?

The immune system purposefully elevates body temperature to remove toxins and mucus (like washing dishes in hot water instead of cold). Localized ‘fever’ can also enhance healing in a specific area. The temperature elevation also makes the body less hospitable to pathogens and parasites.

But acidic bodies can’t initiate the fever needed to catalyze the cleanse; the body must be in an alkaline and nourished state. The symptoms of a healing crisis indicate something positive is happening inside:

Sensation: Body ache, headache, joint ache (toxin mobilization)

Digestion: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea (purging, less gut activity).

Temperature: fever, chills, sweating (pyrexia – making heat)

Mind: anxiety, mood swings, irritation (Brain inflammation)

Energy: weakness, lethargy (low blood pressure, immune activation)

So it can be counterproductive to attempt to reduce body temperature with medications, they can stop detoxification and can worsen symptoms.

Feeling Toxic or Emotional

As stored toxins are mobilized into the bloodstream, before elimination, they cause symptoms. The fever, induced by the immune system, also cause bacteria to die off, releasing inflammatory endotoxins.

This temporarily elevated toxicity can cause previously resolved conditions to return as the body processes old toxins. This return of old symptoms, and transitory health decline, can feel like a backward step in the healing journey (especially when childhood illnesses re-appear).

Emotional toxins are also purged during this deep cleanse. This means for no apparent reason people are overwhelmed by feeling of anger, grief, and fear. Suppressed trauma and ‘acidic’ emotions are, just like toxins, re-experienced before elimination, releasing emotions previously locked into the body.

Nutrient Accessibility

To release stored nutrients, the immune system enhances internal cellular recycling (autophagy) and also recycles whole cells that are damaged (apoptosis). This breaks down fat cells and diseased tissues, including pre-cancerous and cancerous cells.

Hormones limit blood flow to the digestive system, reducing appetite, and increase blood flow in vital organs to protect them from toxin damage. Fasting during a fever helps your body divert energy to healing while preventing additional toxins release from undigested food.

Healing Recovery

The shift in toxicity, and reduction in inflammation, helps the body more easily identify abnormal cell growth (like cleaning dirt off the windscreen). After the ‘crisis’ has resolved (typically 3 days) there is no return of old symptoms, and quality of life, and health, is significantly improved. The immune system is strengthened and hormones, metabolism, and neurotransmitters are re-calibrated and harmonized.

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Marijuana Should Never Be Smoked ?

There is a mis-conception in regards to what the Bible states that “the herbs are for the healing of the nation”

For example the plant known as Atropa belladonna or better known as Deadly nighshade. Two of the berries can kill a child if eaten. In an adult 10 to 20 can kill. If you touch this deadly plant may be harmful if you have a cut or wound.

My point is not every plant that God made we can eat or smoke.

There is a correlation to food and mental health. The human body has a high moisture content. We are at least 70% blood 70% liquid and that blood permeates the entire system. So naturally it soaks up the mind, soaks up the brain. The brain on a regular basis has 90% blood flow streaming into it but in the brain area the blood circulation slows down more than anywhere else in the body. So if the blood is laden with toxins, those toxins will linger on the brain longer that we would like the to be. We are not only talking about the food toxins that are in a lot of foods these days but environmental hazards and lifestyle hazards that we consume like putting a flame to a herb, burning the marijuana herb. We extract a lot of the toxins out this herb. Now this toxin goes into the bloodstream through the lungs and travels to the brain automatically. So we need to be conscience of how we deal with it.

Marijuana should be consumed live, raw, taken that herb into a juice form or tea, but not boiled as this will not activate the toxins. Remember the more heat that you apply to herbs the more toxins will be released. Herbs are for the healing of the nation and does have very powerful medicinal purposes but also if not prepared correctly can activate the toxic element in the herb as well by going beyond the temperature we apply to that herb in the process making it available to our system by exposing it to a heat that is higher than the highest recorded solar temperature on the planet ever.

So the best way is to juice it, or cold tea, or just eat it raw like we eat any other fresh herb.

It is the same with our foods that we eat, so that blood circulating through the brain, that dense dry foods that are full of toxins, leaving toxins in the brain area, then what happens we shut down our circulatory flow into the brain, less oxygen, less sugar, less protein, then the brain dehydrates dries up in the form of Alzheimer’s or something fatal like an Aneurysm

Until next month, stay save.

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Your brain needs a lot of energy to function and 80 billion neurons each produce 70 millivolts of bio-electrical energy. This creates 14 million volts of electrostatic potential across the neuronal membrane – four times more than the electrical force-producing lightning during a storm.


The brain is 2% of our body weight but uses 20% of our energy. Even when we sleep the brain is active, co-ordinating trillions of cells and biological processes. Neurons continuously transmit and process information using electrical signals, generated by a flow of potassium and sodium ions.

The brain has two types of neuronal tissue, white matter, and grey matter. Grey matter needs more energy and forms our ‘human’ thinking brain (neo-cortex). Shortages in bio-electricity impact these power-hungry executive brain functions, making it hard to think clearly and driving primal fear based reactions, and instant gratification.


The evolution of grey matter helped us think faster, but it was at the expense of energy storage. So we either maintain a steady flow of nutrients to meet energy demands, or the brain is ‘forced’ to prioritize needs. Imagine a reduced power supply in your home: you can either have the lights on or use the washing machine, but not both – how many days can you live without light or the use of your washing machine before things become difficult.

Focus: attention requires energy, to suppress distracting thoughts and external stimuli.

Cognition: energetic shortfalls create mental blocks, anxiety, confusion, and indecisiveness.

Mood: feeling motivation, desire or joy needs neurotransmitters, which require energy.

Memory: remembering is a high-energy task; age-related memory decline is energetic.

Lethargy: the body reduces unnecessary tasks, including your ability to stay awake.

Immune: inflammation and energetic-stress reduce regenerative functions.

Weight-gain: desperate for energy; appetite increases to shore-up the energetic gap.

Accumulating Issues

Missing minerals, inflammation, and accumulated toxicity reduce bio-electrical energy with -wide ranging effects. Unlike appliances, we cannot plug the brain in when it needs more electricity. Prolonged energy deficits reduce the brain’s ability to clear waste, neutralize oxidation, and replenish nutrients.

Accumulating toxicity and impaired immune function makes the brain degenerate faster than it can be repaired. Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s are labels for the symptoms of chronic degeneration and damage, seen in older adults. In children, the labels of AA, ADHD, and Autism are linked with energy-shortages limiting the brain’s ability to function and develop.

Enhancing Energy

To create a constant flow of bio-electricity the body needs to be clean, rested, active, and nourished. The human body, to begin with, is electrical and needs electric substances to electrify it.

Eat well: Foods that are alkaline with electrifying minerals, such as fruits; blueberries, raspberries, which fight oxidative stress and free radical damage that cause memory malfunctions. Bananas.

Eat light: digestion takes energy; juices and smoothies are much easier to digest.

Drink lots: spring water washes out waste, and keeps nutrition flowing, drink often.

Rest Well: sleep refreshes the whole body, cleans the waste, and resets the brain.

Stay Active: movement is critical to generating energy, we produce what is needed.

Play Games: board games, mental challenges and mind puzzles exercise the grey matter.

Eat Herbs: Herbs have a tendency to go straight to the brain, electrifying the system.

Until next month.

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The Importance Of Movement.

The body relies on ‘biological plumbing’ to move substances from one place to another. It uses features like pumps, pipes, valves, and taps to distribute nutrients and remove waste. This system relies on both active, and passive, pumping mechanisms using salts, minerals, and your body movement to operate effectively.

The body actively pumps critical fluids, like freshly oxygenated blood. But others, like de-oxygenated blood and lymph, rely on contractions in nearby muscles, they have no active pump. This means that sitting still for prolonged periods reduce blood flow, and disrupts circulation.

Mother Nature’s design is Movement. Movement supports the system of biological plumbing. Stagnation of fluids means nutrients can’t be received and waste can’t be removed. ‘Sitting Disease’ is a public health concern, Movement is not optional, it’s a critical function of the biological system.


Exercise is beneficial for mental health, even a little movement can significantly improve your mood. When we are active, the brain stimulates and rewards us with neurochemicals that feel good and substances that help the body function.

Mental pathways connecting the brain and body are reinforced by physical activity, keeping the mind supple, and retaining balance as we age. After exercising we also feel calmer, stress hormones are ‘used up’ and post-activity ‘relaxation’ signals are triggered.

Moving muscles is critical for their growth and repair. The body prioritises cellular renewal in tissues being actively used. So if you don’t move it you will lose it. If you fail to use specific muscles, the body allows them to waste-away, presuming they’re not needed. With physical activity, and a healthy plant-based diet supporting hormonal balance, it is possible to keep muscular strength into old age, just like ancestral populations did.

Activity Plan

Find more opportunities to move is a foundational requirement for long term health.

Gentle activity. without creating to much stress such as; mountain biking, hot yoga, martial arts, Pilates, dancing, Ping Shuai, skipping, skating, running, swimming, Zumba, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, nature walking, rowing, cycling, rock climbing, football etc.

Feeling mentally motivated, but physically tired, can be because excess mucus and toxins are stressing the immune system and clogging the circulatory system. So you need to replenish lost energy, by using powerful herbs that I explained in previous posts, that will get rid of damaging toxins while at the same time replenishing cells and restoring alkalinity, this will help you to feel energised and motivated to move.

So find time each day with a minimum of 30 minutes of movement, this will ensure that your body will remove toxins and deliver nutrients and provide the brain with an enjoyable cocktail of chemicals to stay mentally healthy.

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