Drinking Lemon Water

Scientific evidence shows that the lemon tree has been around for over 8 million years, starting its life in the foothills of the Himalaya. The ancient Egyptians drank lemon water, believing it counteracted the effects of poison. The ancient Greeks used it for medicinal purposes and for purifying their water. It is thought that the Romans were the first to use lemons for culinary purposes. Today, lemon trees are cultivated throughout the world and mainly used in cooking.


Staying hydrated is vital for a healthy body and mind. Many people avoid drinking water as they don’t like the taste and they run to carbonated, sugary drinks instead. Add a slice of lemon or the juice of half a lemon to hot or cold water and enjoy the refreshing taste and rehydrating properties.

Vitamin C

Like all citrus fruit, lemons contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and antibacterial, protecting cells from free radical damage, helping us maintain a strong immune system.

Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

It is a fact that the citrus acid present in lemons helps break up and even prevents kidney stones from forming, and it increases the level of citrate in urine.

pH Balance

Lemon water has an alkalising effect on our bodies. Although lemon juice has a pH of 2 in its natural state, that increases to a neutral 7 once it’s digested. This means it reduces the acidity in the stomach and helps with uncomfortable digestive issues such as acid reflux.

Breath Freshener

Drinking lemon water stimulates saliva production which prevents dryness in the mouth, which is one of the causes of lingering breath odours. Also it removes strong flavours of last night’s curry or French onion soup and making our breath smell sweeter.

See you again in 2 weeks.

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Gordolobo Plant

Firstly Happy NewYear !!

This unique herb also known as Rabbit Tobacco, is a natural liver and blood cleanser, cough reliever, and powerful mucus eliminator.

Gordolobo is Spanish for “fat wolf” but in Mexico, there are 12 different plants with the same name. The type we’re talking about today is called Psuedognaphalium obtusifolium in the botanical world.

Where to Find This Herb

Loves to grow in dry, sandy habitats and places with disturbed soil; in meadows, fields, and woodland clearings. It grows in the Canadian Maritimes, throughout most of Eastern North America and down to Florida, Texas and Wisconsin.

Gordolobo has been used to treat a huge variety of conditions:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Asthma
  • Bruises
  • Colds
  • Coughs
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dysentery
  • Excess Mucus
  • Fevers
  • Flu
  • Haemorrhage
  • Impotence
  • Leukorrhea
  • Low libido
  • Menstrual pains
  • Migraine
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Pneumonia
  • Sore throat
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains
  • Tumour
  • Upset stomach

Gordolobo Tea

  • Take 6 to 8 Gordolobo leaves and steep them in boiling water
  • This is an excellent natural remedy for sinus congestion and ulcers


  • Boil a cup of hot water and add 8 to 10 large leaves.
  • Put the mixture in a bowl, place a towel over your head and bowl and inhale the beautiful aroma.

This is such an underrated plant that needs to be shared.

Take care for now, see you in 2 weeks.

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Staying Rooted With The Burdock Root

This is one of my favourite herbs. This amazing plant has been appreciated for thousands of years for its ability to detoxify the blood, cleanse the lymphatic system and nourish the skin…but also if you take the root and boil it, you will be energized.

Burdock (Arcitum Lappa) has been used throughout the world for its blood-purifying, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Native to Asia and Europe, Burdock now grows throughout most of the US (where it’s mainly considered a weed).

This crunchy root is a member of the Asteraceae family (which also includes thistles). Burdock Root is also called :

. Beggar’s Button

. Butterbur

. Edible Burdock

. Gobo (its Japanese name)

. Greater Burdock

. Happy Major

. Lappa

. Niubang (its Chinese name)

. Thorny Burr

. U-eong (its Korean name)

You’ll find Burdock growing in abandoned fields, by roadsides and in moist, nitrogen rich soil throughout the countryside. When dried, Burdock Root’s outer skin becomes thin and crispy, while the inside texture remains tender yet crunchy.

Burdock Root is brownish green and sometimes almost black in colour. It has a fairly strong, earthly and sweet flavour. It’s often used in soups, stews, stir fries and other veggie dishes, especially in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Burdock Root Properties

The main reasons Burdock Root has been so popular for thousands of years across Europe and Asia:

  • Antioxidant – Burdock Root neutralizes free-radicals with luteolin, quercetin and phenolic acids, which reduce inflammation and protect your body from oxidative stress.
  • Blood Purifier – Herbalists have been using Burdock Root to purify the blood for hundreds of years, it increases blood and lymph circulation helping to remove toxic heavy metals.
  • Diaphoretic – (increases sweating) Burdock Root helps your body remove both water-soluble and fat-soluble toxins via perspiration through the skin and sebaceous glands (sweating can remove a lot of toxins).
  • Digestive Health – provides your body with non-digestible fibre (inulin) which is a prebiotic – food for good bacteria. Inulin mops up toxins from the gut and encourages gut lubrication, helping you eliminate excess waste while protecting the lining of the gut.
  • Diuretic – stimulates the kidneys; helping them process urine and remove waste from the body, preventing fluid retention and balancing blood pressure.
  • Liver Health – supports the liver and gallbladder to break down and process fats, it also nourishes a sluggish liver back to vitality (reversing liver damage).
  • Lymphatic System – has the sought after property of stimulating the body’s internal cleansing, encouraging a physical deep clean that detoxifies and drains out waste.
  • Nutrition – contains slow-release carbohydrates, fibre, plant sterols, tannins and fatty oils, and is high in magnesium and potassium, phosphorus, chromium cobalt, iron, silicon, zinc and sodium.
  • Oxygenation – naturally rich in bioavailable iron fluorine; Burdock roots go deep into the earth to gather the magnetic metal crucial for our own blood and breath.
  • Scalp Health – Burdock root oil extract is used in Europe to treat the scalp and expunge localized toxins which cause irritation, flaky skin and hair loss.
  • Skin Health – is revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other traditional healing systems to support skin health. Phytochemicals called ‘polyacetylenes reduce the bacteria that cause acne, lignans promote youthful elastic skin.

Burdock Root has also been used to treat:

  • Arthritis
  • Bladder stones
  • Colds
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Flu
  • Fluid retention
  • Gout
  • Infections
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Kidney stones
  • Rheumatism
  • Syphilis

Burdock is a galactagogue (it increases the flow of breastmilk) and eating the root is grounding (neutralizing positive ions) because the roots travel deep into the earth.

It is impossible for you to get sick if your iron level is up to par

Preparing Burdock Root

  • Take the Roots and wash all the dirt off with cold water.
  • Peel the outer skin off (this is optional, when the skin is left on Burdock Root tastes sweeter.)
  • Cut into chunks and preserve them in water to keep them fresh.
  • You can add your Burdock root to soups, like stews, and any vegetables dish of your liking.
  • You can also add boiling water to steep it and then drink it as an energizing tea.

This electrical plant is still an underrated herb that deserves a lot more attention.

I hope that you have enjoyed this read.

Have a wonderful Christmas! stay safe and eat well.

See you in 2 weeks.

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The Forgotten Bark

Did you know before any disease is reversed the colon must be cleansed.

Cascara Sagrada which in Spanish means “sacred bark” has been used in Native American medicine for thousands of years to cleanse the bowel and relieve constipation. It clears stagnation and keeps your insides clean.

Cascara Sagrada has a long history of use and over 20 different names:

. Aulne Noir

. Bearberry

. Bois Noir

. Bois a Poudre

. Borzene

. Bourgene

. Buckthorn

. California Buckthorn

. Chittem Bark

. Dogwood Bark

. Ecorce Sacree

. Nerprun

. Pastel Bourd

. Purshiana Bark

. Rhamni Purshianae Cortex

. Rhubarbe des Paysans

. Sagrada Bark

. Yellow Bark

Natural Habitat

Cascara Sagrada trees are native to British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington in the U.S, and Mexico.

You’ll find these trees by streams, in forests and valleys, typically growing under the shadow of bigleaf maple trees.

The bark of the Cascara Sagrada is used for its medicinal properties, which is harvested in spring or early summer when it’s easier to remove. The bark is dried in shade to preserve its yellow tinge, and has a strongly bitter taste that persists in the mouth for hours after eating.

Profile and Properties

Primarily, Cascara Sagrada was used in Native American traditional medicine as a laxative to treat constipation. The most widely used cathartic (a substance that speeds up the process of bowel elimination) on the planet.

Fresh Cascara bark contains a substance called anthrone which causes vomiting and violent diarrhoea. It must be aged for one year for the anthrone to decompose so the bark can be consumed by humans. Cascara is rich in phytochemicals (which are believed to protect cells from damage that could lead to cancer).

It usually causes a bowel movement 6 to 8 hours after taken.

This is Important to hear

The bark is rich in phytochemicals, called anthraquinones, that stimulate bowel movements and support the gut. They increase digestive secretions from the liver, stomach and pancreas while causing the intestines to contract and push out their contents.

A lady once said, when she went to the bathroom upon taking the Cascara Sagrada extract she looked in the toilet and saw some berries that she ate 12 years prior.

Cascara Sagrada is used to trigger the “bitter reflex”- when the tongue senses the bitter taste it signals for the brain to release a hormone called gastrin. This starts a series of biological processes that aid digestion and excretion, including:

. Stimulating appetite.

. Releasing digestive enzymes.

. Increasing the stomach’s ability to empty.

. Assisting liver detoxification.

. Increasing bile production.

. Regulating metabolic hormones.

.Repairing the gut lining.


It’s so in demand that it has been over-harvested in some areas.

Its leaves are source of food for black bears, deer, elk, grey foxes and ring-tailed cats.

Its fruits are eaten by bears, birds and raccoons.

Humans may also consume the fruit but it’s also a laxative.

Cascara Sagrada has been traditionally used to treat many different conditions related to the gut and our digestive tract including:

Strange how it became the most popular laxative on the market worldwide, until the FDA withdrew it in 2002 due to “safety concerns”. Now it can only be sold as a nutritional supplement rather than a drug.

. Bacteria (including E coli, Helicobacter pylori, and various strains of Staphylococcus aureus).

. Cancer

. Candida

. Gallstones

. Haemorrhoids

. Liver issues

. Parasites

I hope this has helped you.

See you again in 2 weeks.

Stay safe.

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Fruits Skins Can Cure Cancer

The Lime fruit

The lime is from the citrus family. The leaf and the skin of the lime is very important to prevent estrogen from getting into the cells of a woman’s system.

Did you know that all the skins of citrus fruits, are made by companies and call it MCP ( Modified Citrus Pectin).

I will now explain to you in a scientific understanding why the skin of a lime or a lemon is so important.

When you have a camouflaged cancer cell moving into your blood, the other protective cells recognise it as a good healthy cell and so the immune system will allow it to pass through. But what the citrus pectin does, once the cells starts to move into the blood as camouflaged cancer cells the skins of the citrus fruits start to unclothe the cancer cells making the unhealthy cells visible, and then the immune system starts to attack them, picking them up and destroy them. So that cancer cells will not move from one place to the next.

They are called acid fruits, but when they enter the body they become alkaline.

So here is what I do. When you wake up in the morning, squeeze a lime or a lemon into a glass of warm water with a pinch a cayenne pepper, and drink it just before you have a meal. So what this does it moves debris from your digestive system, from the day before, and then prepares your stomach for foods. Also it alkalines the blood.

Now what the leaf of the lime does, it helps to prevent colic in babies, it’s also good for colds and the flu. Good for the lungs as they will remove mucus from the body.

So anytime you have citrus, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, lime and lemon skin, don’t throw them away, grind them up into a power and you WILL see how affective they are in keeping cancers from moving from one place to the next.

Hope this has helped, see you again in 2 weeks.

Stay safe and well.

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I have to as a man uphold women as the eternally and physically stronger, wiser, than us men.

Let us take a look in how mysterious and wonderful women really are.

When pregnant, the cells of the baby migrate into the mothers bloodstream and then circle back into the baby, it’s called fetal-maternal microchimerism (FMCs).

For 41 weeks, the cells circulate and merge backwards and for forwards, and after the baby is born, many of these cells stay in the mother’s body, leaving a permanent imprint in the mother’s tissues, bone marrow, brain and skin, and often stay there for decades. Every single child a mother has afterwards will leave a similar imprint on her body too.

Even if a pregnancy doesn’t go to the full term or if you have an abortion, these cells still migrate into your bloodstream.

Scientific studies have shown that if a mother’s heart is injured, fetal cells will rush to the site of the injury and change into different types of cells that specialise in repairing the heart.

It is amazing to see how the baby helps to repair the mother and at the same time the mother builds the baby.

Now we can see why in many cases certain illnesses disappear while pregnant.

It is incredible to see how mothers bodies protect the baby at all costs, and the baby protects and rebuild the mother back so that the baby can develop safely and survive.

Studies have also shown cells from a foetus in a mother’s brain 18 years after she gave birth.

This explains the reason why a mother can intuitively feel their child even when they are not with them. So now with scientific evidence shows that mothers carry them for many years even after they have given birth to them.

Some scientific facts

  1. Data shown us that by the global Gerontology Research Group, out of the 43 people in the world who’ve made it past the age of 110 years, 42 are women. Women tend to live longer than men due to a “complex interaction of biological, environmental and social factors”
  2. Another study has shown the fact that women are more likely to survive tougher conditions such as famines, extreme climatic changes and disease epidemics as compared to men-and have a stronger immunity too. It is hard to find a clear reason for this but researchers attribute it to the possibility of a mother’s placenta working harder to maintain the pregnancy and avoid infections in the case of a female foetus. Hence, women get that extra dose of survivability in our mother’s womb itself.
  3. According to a study conducted at the McGill University, women have a higher threshold for pain, for example producing offspring and handling period pain, waxing and threading pain.
  4. A study published in the journal Emotions says that women are better at identifying their negative emotions such as sadness and disgust-thanks to them being responsible for reproduction. Thus they are more sensitive to environmental chemicals. Women are also better at managing their emotions.
  5. Another study conducted at the Binghamton University in New York and University College London, in the case of a relationship break-up, women may feel the hurt deeper as compared to us men. However, women tend to heal faster, while men simply move on and never really heal.
  6. Women are mentally stronger too. According to a study conducted by the researchers from the Ben Gurion University of Negev, the University of St Gallen, and NYU Shanghai-women tend to cope with pressure better than us men, who tend to buckle during tense moments. This is due to the fact that cortisol, the stress hormone, tends to increase more rapidly in men than in women.
  7. Us men might have been proven to have a higher brain volume, however, women still manage to beat us men when it comes to those I.Q. test-and there’s a solid scientific reason for it cited by a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh. Women have thicker cortices, the area of the brain that is linked to improved performance on intelligence tests. In fact, their cognitive skills are sharper too. According to a study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine, women can maintain their cognitive skills and have better memory as men’s brains tend to diminish faster with age as compared to that of women.
  8. As fact a unit of a fit woman’s muscles can produce the same force as that of a similarly fit man. So women just have a lower muscle mass, not muscle strength. Considering the fact that women tend to have a heavier lower body, a study points out that women’s legs may be stronger than that of us men. This study was published in the journal The Royal Society Publishing.
  9. Lastly Research found that men tend to use one side of their brain (particularly the left side for verbal reasoning) while women tend to use both cerebral areas for visual, verbal and emotional responses. So I have total respect and in awe of Women
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The Truth About Animal Fats

More and more studies are coming out about the dangers of animal fats. Not only do they clog your arteries but make you put on weight. I will give you more shocking information.

If you are eating large amounts of fats in your diet then you are significantly raising your risk of cancer.

If you are a woman eating a lot of fats in your diet, including the hidden fats such as cheeses, meats etc, then you are increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Here are some countries that are compared to how much fat is eaten to how many women died of breast cancer:- Belgium, Denmark, France, The Netherlands.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, they eat very little meat and dairy products breast cancers are very rare.

When a man eats lots of animal fats, those fats are turned into male hormones called Androgen ( that contribute to the growth and reproduction in both men and women). In our society when a man reaches the age of 60 or 70 and his prostate gland starts to get big, the doctor might say that it’s a sign of getting old, but this is incorrect information. What the problem is 60 to 70 years of androgens passing through the prostate gland, that’s why it grows in size. So prostate cancer is the number one killer in men.

So if you compare again how many men died of prostate cancer to how much fat is eaten in certain countries of the world then you would see the more fat that is eaten in a country the more men died of prostate cancer. Once again it is a very rare disease in Thailand, where the people eat rice and vegetables.

So Animal fats the clog up the arteries and increase your risks for a number of types of cancers.

I have described the problem of eating animal flesh and that includes chicken and fish. Fish has a large amount of fat in it and chicken flesh is very fatty food, do not be fooled that chicken meat is lean meat it’s not, there is just as much fat in chicken as there is in beef. Animal muscle is animal muscle. When you eat it, it will raise the level of fat in your blood. The other problem of eating animal flesh it has to much protein. Protein is the building block material that you use to make the hard structures of your body. Now the body doesn’t need to much protein. You only need about 30 grams per day. A typical American will consume about 150 grams of protein, this is to much. Why? because your body cannot store protein. So what happens is your liver starts breaking down that protein, and as it starts to metabolize, it will then release all sorts of toxic nitrogen containing waste like Urea, Ammonia and amino acid fragments. These will have a negative affect on the body because as all these amino acid wastes go through your kidneys it makes you lose Calcium out of your urine. Why does this happen? because it there are fundamental differences between animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein contain amino acids that has sulphur and sulphur makes more acid in the body, and as the acid wash through the bones they dissolves calcium out of the bones.

Animal protein is very concentrated, the muscle in a animal is the most concentrated protein on the planet. So there would be a large amount of protein that goes into your bloodstream as soon as you eat it.

Plant protein is mixed with fibre. When you eat wholegrain rice or wholegrain barley it take many hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream. So eat less acid nature plant protein and slow absorption rate means it will be much more gentle on the gut and will not pull calcium out from your body. The word for pulling calcium out from the body is called protein induced Hypercalciuria an abnormally high amount of calcium going out into the urine.

When you eat a large amount of animal protein either red meat, chicken, fish or even milk the acid nature of the protein washes through the bones, dissolves the calcium which then goes out into the urine. So every time you eat a piece of chicken or a piece of fish for the next 3 or 4 hours you will urinate calcium out of your body down the toilet. Many researchers have stated that a high protein diet cause a negative calcium balance, even if you are taking calcium supplements. Osteoporosis is one of causes of this continued eating of a high protein diet.

This is also very important, when the meat enters the colon the large intestine the bacteria in the large intestine breakdown the meat protein and the bile acids that delivers secrets to digest them, this can sometimes take up to 2 weeks, while at the same time the body will produce a build up of mucus. Then breaks these substance down into cancer causing substances carcinogens called benzo pyrene and nitrosamine, and if you smear these cancer causing substances on the inside of your colon, this is what causes cancer of the colon in meat eating people, you very rarely see this in plant base eaters. You will lower your risk substantially by eating a more plant base diet. numerous studies have shown this to be the case.

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Grey Hair And Copper

The belief system has it that you are growing old or your are wise if you have grey hair.

The belief system has it that a lady is getting old if she has sagging breasts.

Well I can tell you that this is false information driven by doctors and the media, and the media is such a powerful tool for mind control. They have this way of seductive deception of the mind. The art of what I call The Law of Repetitiveness. Someone tells you something, at first your brain cell receptors might reject it, but if you keep on hearing the same information over a period of time then your brain cell receptors unlock the door to receiving the new information, and then we will believe a thing.

If you have grey hair, or your hair is very dry and brittle. Or your skin around your eyes are sagging and varicose veins. The cause of this will be a deficiency in copper in your diet. A copper deficiency can also cause nose bleeds or a large artery blowout in the brain. People also with violent tempers usually have a copper deficiency.

If you start to consume 2 copper and zinc tablets before your meal then by 3 months or less your grey hair should turn back to its original colour, your varicose veins will start to repair, your breasts tissue including men will stop sagging and start to become firm, healthy to its normal look. Many of you might not believe this but this is the science that has been proven but hidden. If you have a low blood sugar level its also because of a copper deficiency.

A lack of copper in a diet can causes 27 more mental and physical diseases. It causes the pain of arthritis and it causes Cirrhosis or the liver. It amazes me that 99% of the doctors would not tell you that because they do not even know about this.

A deficiency of copper in your diet is the cause of a ruptured disc, because the discs in your back are made up of copper. So if you don’t have enough copper in your diet then the discs in your back can rupture. So it is important that you have enough copper in your diet to protect your back. Even most chiropractors do not know that a deficiency in copper is what causes the spontaneous rupture of spinal discs. So if while under the care of a chiropractor you must consume copper for 2 months.

Please remember that a doctor while studying in medical only gets about 1 hour of training in nutrition. Their focus is the pharmaceutical drugs.

Stay safe and eat well until next time.

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If you want to know what kind of damage garlic is doing to you then, make 1 ounce of garlic juice and drink it in an empty stomach and see. We would have to take you to the hospital for a stomach wash.

Garlic when it gets into the blood is a deadly poison. Garlic has a toxic compound called Sulphone hydroxyl. It passes the blood brain barrier. That means that you can rub a clove of garlic on your foot and shortly after you can smell it on your wrists.

It carries past the corpus callosum and poisons both brain left and right hemispheres. What would show up on a EEG machine just by a few drops of a garlic salad dressing, that your reaction time would be 3 times slower, and that garlic usually desynchronizes your brain waves. This means it makes your alpha waves go away and replaces it with beta waves, which then make you tense and anxious. Studies from Stanford University have shown that garlic destroys tens of thousands of brain cells just from a small amount that you consumed in a salad dressing. It penetrates the cell wall and so destroys our cells.

People will say “but garlic is good for you, and good for colds”. Well it isn’t.

In World war 1 and 2, bullets used to be rubbed in garlic, so that when a soldier fired his gun he didn’t need to aim for the heart to kill him but aim for any part of the body, as the bullet entered the body the garlic once entering the blood would kill him. The CIA are trained to use garlic rubbed on the end of a dart gun. They would also use Oleander leaves just using 3 leaves will kill an adult. They would also your water with an infusion of nicotine which is another deadly poison of the blood.

Garlic is used by gardeners to kill insects, if they don’t want to use chemicals on their plants.

The reason why your breath and armpits will smell of garlic once consumed is because the body has rejected it and see’s it as a poison that it needs to get rid from the body.

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One third of adults have high blood pressure and, despite the $27 billion spent every year on medications, it’s the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

I will tell you how to naturally support your cardiovascular system and prevent your pressure from getting out of control.

What is Hypertension?

Blood transports nutrients in a closed system that needs a constant pressure to deliver substances to your cells. If the pressure gets too high it damages blood vessels and puts strain on the heart.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, increases the risk of other conditions:

Aneurysms and blood vessel damage

Heart attack and heart disease

Vision loss and impaired vision

Cognitive loss and memory issues

Dementia, stroke and brain damage

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Know Your Numbers

You can easily determine your own blood pressure yourself – with a personal blood pressure device, at a clinic or pharmacy. The reading consists of:

Systolic Pressure – the force of blood when the heart is beating (the top number. )

Diastolic Pressure – the force of blood when resting between beats (bottom number. )

It is the systolic (beating heart) pressure that more accurately describes heart health.

Normal Blood Pressure – is less than 120/80 – this is ideal and lower is ok too.

Prehypertension – between 120-129/80-89 – take action to prevent problems.

Stage 1 High Blood Pressure – between 130-139/80-89 – immediate action needed.

Stage 2 High Blood Pressure – 140 or higher/90 or higher – seek support urgently.

Risk Factors

Multiple factors contribute to hypertension;

Diet – poor diet (table salt, sugar, processed and acidic food) is the number one cause of blood pressure problems. Mucus producing food clogs blood vessels and causes inflammation, so the heart has to increase pressure to get essential nutrients into cells.

Plaque – blood vessel damage is temporarily repaired with waxy cholesterol (smoothing over cracks) but this hardens into plaques that cause obstructions and can break off, potentially causing a heart attack.

Malnutrition – arteries often harden as we age, but this is the result of mineral malnutrition, not simply the passage of time. Insufficient alkalizing minerals lead to mineral deposits that obstruct blood flow.

Pregnancy – the need for additional blood and oxygen for the unborn baby puts a greater strain on the heart, so it pumps harder and the pressure goes up.

Obesity – as weight increases so does the need for blood and oxygen, so the heart pumps harder to ensure all cells are nourished.

Inactivity – less active people usually have higher heart rate and blood pressure. The heart is a muscle that needs to be kept fit!

Alcohol – just one alcoholic drink a day increases your risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

Tobacco – smoking inflames the walls of your blood vessels, constricting the flow of blood and increasing blood pressure.

Medications – birth control pills release hormones that constrict blood vessels, resulting in higher blood pressure. Unfortunately, water supplies are often contaminated with these and other hormones.

Metals – aluminium, cadmium, mercury and heavy metals reduce the protective effects of omega-3 fats. Metals increase inflammation and stress hormones, making the heart beat faster and increasing pressure.

Managing Pressure Naturally

It’s entirely possible to get your blood pressure under control with lifestyle modifications:

Eliminate – ditch the white refined sugar and table salt (that means all processed foods) as they spike blood pressure. If by any reason you need sugar in your tea or coffee use only unrefined cane sugar and pink Himalayan salt or sea salt. Reduce portion size (overeating adds strain to the system).

Cleanse – your digestive system needs to be clean!

Hydrate – drinking enough water is critical. Medications for high blood pressure often mimic the effects of hydration. Drink natural mineral water and alkaline smoothies.

Nourish – consume alkaline fruits and veggies, including: leafy greens, grapes (seeded), oranges, peaches and tomatoes – they protect your blood vessels from the build up of plaque.

Exercise – regular exercise strengthens your heart, which means it’s able to transport blood with less effort and adapt to stress. Consistently walking 30 minutes a day is enough to lower blood pressure.

Relax – when you’re stressed your body releases hormones that elevate heart rate and pressure. Seek out ways to calm down, unwind, chill out, have fun.

Monitor – pay attention to your blood pressure to see improvements.

Support – alkaline herbs can dilate blood vessels and reduce inflammation while softening plaque – try basil, cayenne, fennel, oregano, and yellow dock. The essential mineral Selenium is a very powerful mineral to reduce the risk of heart disease and all cancers.

By consuming bio-electric organic plants and herbs you ensure the heart has sufficient nutrition for the 2.5 billion beats you need this lifetime.

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