Grey Hair And Copper

The belief system has it that you are growing old or your are wise if you have grey hair.

The belief system has it that a lady is getting old if she has sagging breasts.

Well I can tell you that this is false information driven by doctors and the media, and the media is such a powerful tool for mind control. They have this way of seductive deception of the mind. The art of what I call The Law of Repetitiveness. Someone tells you something, at first your brain cell receptors might reject it, but if you keep on hearing the same information over a period of time then your brain cell receptors unlock the door to receiving the new information, and then we will believe a thing.

If you have grey hair, or your hair is very dry and brittle. Or your skin around your eyes are sagging and varicose veins. The cause of this will be a deficiency in copper in your diet. A copper deficiency can also cause nose bleeds or a large artery blowout in the brain. People also with violent tempers usually have a copper deficiency.

If you start to consume 2 copper and zinc tablets before your meal then by 3 months or less your grey hair should turn back to its original colour, your varicose veins will start to repair, your breasts tissue including men will stop sagging and start to become firm, healthy to its normal look. Many of you might not believe this but this is the science that has been proven but hidden. If you have a low blood sugar level its also because of a copper deficiency.

A lack of copper in a diet can causes 27 more mental and physical diseases. It causes the pain of arthritis and it causes Cirrhosis or the liver. It amazes me that 99% of the doctors would not tell you that because they do not even know about this.

A deficiency of copper in your diet is the cause of a ruptured disc, because the discs in your back are made up of copper. So if you don’t have enough copper in your diet then the discs in your back can rupture. So it is important that you have enough copper in your diet to protect your back. Even most chiropractors do not know that a deficiency in copper is what causes the spontaneous rupture of spinal discs. So if while under the care of a chiropractor you must consume copper for 2 months.

Please remember that a doctor while studying in medical only gets about 1 hour of training in nutrition. Their focus is the pharmaceutical drugs.

Stay safe and eat well until next time.

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