If you want to know what kind of damage garlic is doing to you then, make 1 ounce of garlic juice and drink it in an empty stomach and see. We would have to take you to the hospital for a stomach wash.

Garlic when it gets into the blood is a deadly poison. Garlic has a toxic compound called Sulphone hydroxyl. It passes the blood brain barrier. That means that you can rub a clove of garlic on your foot and shortly after you can smell it on your wrists.

It carries past the corpus callosum and poisons both brain left and right hemispheres. What would show up on a EEG machine just by a few drops of a garlic salad dressing, that your reaction time would be 3 times slower, and that garlic usually desynchronizes your brain waves. This means it makes your alpha waves go away and replaces it with beta waves, which then make you tense and anxious. Studies from Stanford University have shown that garlic destroys tens of thousands of brain cells just from a small amount that you consumed in a salad dressing. It penetrates the cell wall and so destroys our cells.

People will say “but garlic is good for you, and good for colds”. Well it isn’t.

In World war 1 and 2, bullets used to be rubbed in garlic, so that when a soldier fired his gun he didn’t need to aim for the heart to kill him but aim for any part of the body, as the bullet entered the body the garlic once entering the blood would kill him. The CIA are trained to use garlic rubbed on the end of a dart gun. They would also use Oleander leaves just using 3 leaves will kill an adult. They would also your water with an infusion of nicotine which is another deadly poison of the blood.

Garlic is used by gardeners to kill insects, if they don’t want to use chemicals on their plants.

The reason why your breath and armpits will smell of garlic once consumed is because the body has rejected it and see’s it as a poison that it needs to get rid from the body.

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