The Ingredients Of Brain Electricity Part 3

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In the structure of life there is a mineral known as Carbon, with that is Oxygen and Hydrogen, which is known as the CHO arrangement…so without these three, there can be no life expression. These are the manifestation of Life and the support of Life.

Everything that is constructed by the universe, creation or God has this structure…of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen, and it is starch-less. 

Now without the brain the heart would never beat. It is the electricity from the brain that allows the heart to pulsate. In turn, the heart supplies the brain with oxygen via the blood. The lungs purifies it.

Whenever someone has been depleted of Iron, then they would get anaemia…and if the are heavily deficient then they would develop leukaemia.

When someone is suffering with Rickets it is calcium that they would be deficient in.

If the brain is lacking of energy, again as stated in the previous parts 1 and 2 we would have to look at copper and carbon.

Please remember from the previous parts, that any foods that contains starch, is carbonic acid and this is what will destroy the cells in your body.

Fast-foods will destroy your body and bring on disease.

Some of the things that we consume and were made are: Carrots, Celery, Peppermint, Cucumber, Rice and many more which are artificial, I will tell you next month….also we will be talking about eating Meat.

Take care until next month, also I will be writing up a post on Christmas Day.


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