Microwave ovens kills food and you

Hello everyone I hope that all is well.

Today we will talk about the dangers of using microwave ovens.

Using a microwave oven which in the U.K alone is about 93% of households, in the U.S.A about 90%, is the best way to kill yourself really fast.

You can even do a test, microwave water, then let it go cold, using 2 flower pots with the same plants, one you water with regular water and the other flower pot you water with the microwave water. The one that you watered with microwave water would be dead within 3-7days.

The microwave is basically destroying every food value that is in the food and turning it into a toxin. Studies have been shown that for example broccoli prepared in the microwave have lost 97% of its valuable antioxidant content through this cooking process.

We’re all familiar with the “Microwave Safe” label found on a number of food containers, but this label is entirely misleading. Despite what many people think, it only refers to the container’s ability to be used in a microwave safely without melting or starting a fire. What it doesn’t refer to is the container’s safety in terms of the numerous toxic chemicals it can leak into your food when heated – chemicals which you then ingest.

Chemicals such as polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, xylene, the now well-known BPA and the even it’s so called safer alternative BPS. Many of these chemicals have been linked to impairment of female reproductive elements and brain development, along with diabetes, prostate disease, and more.

So every type of food or water that comes out of a microwave is highly toxic. So by the time you eat the food the food value is completely zero. You could microwave a bowl of vegetable soup and by the time you consume the food, it would be like eating carboard no nutritional value at all and become toxic.

Also heating up baby milk in a microwave is highly toxic and dangerous for babies.

The microwave oven food, when a person eats it would feel full, but then a little while later would feel hungry again because the brain did not get the nutrition that it needs. The stomach was stuffed with food, but that is it and now the person could develop diabetes because the pancreas has to produce all these digestive enzymes now for you to digest the dead food…because now there is no living enzymes in the food since being microwaved.

So this could be one of the reasons for a person to develop diabetes, because it takes a huge effort for the body to digest microwave food.

So we should not use microwave ovens.

I will post a couple more this month and on Christmas day. Then each month I will put up a post on the 7th of each month.

Happy Tuesday!!! Until soon.

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