The Ingredients Of Brain Electricity Part 2

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We will continue from last month on the topic of brain electricity.

There is ONLY ONE DISEASE! and that is acid body, that causes disease. The manifestation of all disease is that the mucus membrane has been compromised, by a acid substance. Our bodies are supposed to be alkaline, to keep us healthy. Our food needs to be alkaline…to be electrical. A battery does not say a acid battery, but it is a alkaline battery to produce electricity.

Its important to remember that the central nervous system depends on Copper and Carbon. Why! would you ask, because the brain is copper and carbon it produces electricity. So as to adequately nourish the brain we need to find and consume those substance…and they can be only found in certain places on the planet.

  1. The Marula plant, which is grown in Southern Africa. Very high in Vitamin C. Marula oil has remarkable benefits in the healing and prevention of skin disorder like Eczema. Fighting acne, Anti aging.
  2. Iron Fluorine. This is very important. Iron is one of the most important mineral on the planet. Iron is the only magnetic mineral on the planet. It attracts every other mineral to it. So when you consume iron, you are ingesting every other mineral on the planet…and there are 102 minerals. So if you are anaemic you need to consume Iron. Not only does it revitalise the cells in the blood, but that iron conveys oxygen to the brain…and oxygen is what the brain converts and uses for electricity. It is the food of the brain.   I know that this part 2 is a little short but in a couple of week I will continue this topic in Part 3. Take care now. Until soon.


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