The Ingredients Of Brain Electricity Part 1

Hello everyone,

I want to talk about what the brain is made out of and its importance for the prevention and reduction of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Our brain is made up of Copper and Carbon. Now in the beginning scientist new that the brain produced electricity, so they wanted to find out what produced this electricity. Their conclusion was that copper and carbon.

The Pineal gland in the brain which produces melatonin and serotonin is made up of carbon. The Cerebral cortex which is the most important part of our brain ( at least in the field of psychology) because it is what makes us humans is made up carbon.

Now if you look at a generator in a car, or a generating plant in a factor you will find a wheel is turning that made up of copper and carbon and this produces the resonance that is known as electricity.

Science shows that carbon is at the very top of life itself. Life cannot exist if carbon is not present. So the higher the concentration carbon the higher quality of life.

So as to feed our brain with nutrition, we need to consume the foods that are electrical. If we do not, we become deficient and problems like disease will arise. Remember all Life must consist of electricity, this is nature.

This is really important to remember that ALL Disease is created by a deficiency of a certain mineral in the body…this I have gone into more depth in my book. Also consuming the wrong foods that are in conflict to nature, that wage war against our human cells.

You might not have realised that contrary to what media says, Vitamins have no life without a mineral substance, they will not work without the presence of a mineral, because vitamins are non-electrical whereby minerals are electrical.

This will shock you orange Carrots are non-electrical it has no life because carrots are a hybrid plant, they were made in Holland. They are full of starch and starch produces toxins in the body which leads to disease.

Biochemistry shows that Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, these three combined has to be present for life to exist.

So we need to consume plants that have the highest electrical vibration to fuel and nourish the body and stay disease free…and that herbs heals the body.

For our cells to function it needs that electrical charge which comes from the electrical food, this is because if you dissect a human cell membrane you will find what we call a pendulum motor, which is so sophisticated that it acts like the engine of a car and electricity produces the energy that the cell needs to do its work.

Any violation to life will result in developing a disease of any form, it could be a simple rash on the body, which would be caused by something that you may have eating or rubbed on the skin.

For example the chemicals that they put into foods can kill us, like the chemical Cyanide which is used all around the world. Cyanide has a tendency to interfere with brain waves, vibration or hormonal messages. It prevents cells from using oxygen and eventually these cells die, and interfere with the heart, respiratory and central nervous system. It interferes with the Hypothalamus (which plays a crucial role in many important functions, including the releasing of hormones and regulating body temperature). Interferes with the Pituitary gland (known as the master gland of the body, it produces many hormones that travel throughout the body, directing certain processes or stimulating other glands to produce other hormones).

So this is what manufactures and putting into its products.

To shock you Garlic is a poison, it will lower your blood pressure because it will eat up the cholesterol in your arteries but at the same time, garlic will eat the cell membrane, because it also it a hybrid plant made by man. Garlic has an oxide called Allele that if you put garlic on a knife cut someone that wound will never heal.

Next month in Part 2 I will go into how to feed the brain, with certain foods and to avoid certain non-electrical foods.


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