The Benefits and Properties of Sauco (Elderberry)

Hello everyone happy Thursday.

Today I will discuss about Sauco (Elderberry)

Which is known in central America, by the Spanish speaking Indians by the name of Sauco. 

Sauco is a plant that in the berries we find the mineral Iron, Iron phosphate is found in these berries…and these berries are responsible for us, reversing a lot of diseases that sits in the blood.

This plant the Sauco, when it sends its roots into the ground, it converts that oxide mineral into a liquid digestible substance, this process is known as Iron Entropyroces, or the conversion from a solid to a liquid. So here we see mother nature, convert iron which is solid into a berry for us to enjoy.

Then we have the flower Sauco, which is a different chemistry that contains a different mineral than the berry. It contains Potassium phosphate. History tells us that when the children of central America had a fever, the mothers would pick this Sauco flower to remove the fever…because it would mean that inflammation is sitting somewhere in the body, and this flower would be extremely effective, because of its high content of iron and potassium phosphate. the Sauco (Elderberry).


(i) rich in iron

(ii) reverse blood conditions

(iii) reduce inflammation

(iv) fever.

I hope that this has help you…until next month.

Eat well and stay healthy.


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