Garlic and Onion…Kills Your Body Slowly

If you drink an once of glass of garlic juice on an empty stomach, you would be rushed to the hospital for a stomach wash, that is how toxic garlic is. This is the same with an onion.They say garlic is good for my blood pressure, digestion, heart etc, even the doctors say that I must eat garlic.

Now to eat something, is one thing but to use something as a medicine is totally different. Yes garlic is a very powerful medicine if properly employed…because it is a medicine Only, if you consume it as a food, it will damage your system. Did you know that every leave and every root found on the planet has some medicine properties in it. Only a few of them we know how to use without causing harm to our bodies.

Let me give you an example; a Cobra’s venom is known to be deadly, but is being used as a treatment for paralytic conditions in Homeopathic.

Garlic, and I am including any type food with garlic in it, like garlic dressing, extracts etc is a deadly poison when it gets into the blood. Did you know that you can drink rattlesnake venom and it will not harm you, but if you get rattlesnake venom into a cut, wound or an ulcer you would die if you don’t have an anti-venom.

Garlic has a compound called Sulfone hydroxyl it passes the blood brain barrier, that means that if you rub a clove of garlic on sole of your foot in about 3 minutes you would smell it on your wrists. It poisons both brain hemispheres, they become disassociated with each other. Garlic even in a salad dressing kills 10’s of thousands of brain cells. Garlic is not a health food.

In World War 1 & 2, gun bullets were rubbed in garlic, and you didn’t have to kill anyone in the heart instead just by the bullet going through anywhere on the body would kill them very rapidly. The CIA was also trained to use this.

Garlic is even in hummus so be careful, it even affects the intestinal wall. The ancient Ayurvedic medicine started off using garlic as an anti-bacterial, whereby if someone had an bacterial infection this could be used to kill the infection but nothing more than that in a tiny dosage. Insect and mosquitoes hate the smell of garlic as it will kill them in seconds. Farmers use Garlic on their crops to scare away these insects.

There has never been a clinical trials done to prove that garlic has any health benefits…but has been proven to be extremely toxic for the body. Remove garlic and onion completely from your diet. Did you know that in Italy, there are garlic-free restaurants, chefs are now starting to cook without garlic, because the Italians know about the damaging effects the garlic has on the body.

Now the digestive enzymes that begin in your tongue that are going to be triggered to digest the food are going to be triggered to digest the garlic more. Garlic has been known to kill your gut bacteria, which is a very bad thing, because this will destroy the acid in your stomach and the acid is what is needed to breakdown the food. We need our good bacteria.

Garlic burns, it literally burns little holes in the intestine lining, through the mucus lining, and making it’s way into the blood stream. So people who have leaky gut, where the toxins move into the blood stream, they need to be extra careful.

Garlic eats away at the cell membrane. Garlic on the P.H scale is, well put it this was cow’s milk has a P.h scale of 6: beer & wine is 4 : Now the lower the P.H scale the more Acid the suffering will be. Now Garlic is on the P.H scale is 3.3, which is very acidic. Remember the higher the P.H scale number the more Alkaline the food will be. So we need eat more alkaline food.

Onions have a acidic compound that affects the eyes which makes our eyes water, this is a sign to show us the chemical properties in both garlic and onions are not designed for the body, the same when we eat garlic our breath smells because the body is trying to get rid of this poison.

Garlic has also been known to cause some allergies in the body, also unsafe for pregnant ladies, because it can cause bleeding during and after pregnancy.

So Garlic and Onion should be avoided at all cost and be an ingredient-reader on the labels before buying foods and when you go to a restaurant ask if the food contains garlic or onions.

Take care now, have a good month.

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