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Hello Everyone,

I hope that you all are having a great month of March.

I want to make all ladies aware of the Umbilical cords.

We are not meant to cut and clamp umbilical cords. Cord circulation continues for 30+ minutes after birth, meaning for over 30 minutes, stem cells, blood and vital nutrients are meant to be pumping into the baby.

When the cord is clamp right away, the child usually gasps for air because they were receiving oxygen from the cord. This is why babies can be born underwater and not drown, as they don’t need to use their lungs right away. Letting the cord detach on its own, like all animals in the wild, allows for maximum stem cells and blood transfusion to the baby, leading to healthier, more developed babies.

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Hi I am a naturopathic researcher. One which supports and promotes the healthy function of the body...stimulating the body's built-in self healing mechanisms.
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