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Happy New Year!! everyone. Wishing you a prosperous New Year.

If man could make a substance in a laboratory, such as Vitamin A, B, C, B12, Zinc etc, that would help me biologically, then you are a God. Only nature or God can make something Electrical.

Let me explain…On the planet minerals are expressed in two forms.

One is Phosphate and the other is Oxide…meaning? There are 142 different minerals beginning with Gold, Silver, Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium etc, which comes in the form of a rock…but that rock also has a plant, that is representative of that mineral. That plant contains gold, yes gold, the same as the plant Burdock which contains Iron.┬áSo both gold and iron are minerals, but now you have them in a plant form. Why a plant form? Because the plant by sending it’s root into the soil it converts that solid rock into a liquid digestible substance. The scientist calls this the process of conversion. You cannot take a rock that is Iron into a laboratory and make a liquid from it that is going to be digestible, because now it has become non-electrical. The plant makes it electrical, and when you drink it, it is pre-digestible for you electrically. The minerals that the body needs cannot be found in any health food store. No vitamin C, B, B12 etc. Remember one thing, the body is made up of minerals. So when minerals have been depleted by disease, a disease will ensue. So you have to replace them in a natural form. In the form of a rock or a plant because it is alive and electrical. Why does it have to be electrical? because the body is electrical. How can you feed a electrical body with dead food, you just can’t. So get minerals from plant foods Not a bottle.

Many people are taking synthetic vitamins and minerals thinking these substances are beneficial to the human biology. These things have no place in your body.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food!

Until Next Month.

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Hi I am a naturopathic researcher. One which supports and promotes the healthy function of the body...stimulating the body's built-in self healing mechanisms.
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