The Most Powerful Way To Heal The Body

24 Hour Fast Benefits

There are so many amazing reasons to fast. Let’s understand what it is first! Fasting is defined as any period of 8 or more hours when one goes without food. From that definition alone, we all qualify to have fasted. How did you break your fast this morning?

Water fasting is any period when you do not eat or drink anything except water. Typically people fast for 1 to 3 days, but longer fasts are possible once you are experienced. During a fast, you need to stay hydrated, and relaxed, for maximum healing potential.

You might wonder if knowing the science behind fasting is necessary. So why fast?

The Science of Fasting

Our bodies are like systematic machines, programmed to prioritize immediate and basic tasks (like digestion) over complex ones (like healing). The more we eat, the more our bodies focus on dealing with the inbound food, and not the critical cellular repairs and physical maintenance of the body.

Digestion is a slow process that takes a lot of energy, so if you eat throughout the day, or late at night, there is virtually no time or energy to heal, and we don’t want that!

Digestion takes around 4-6 hours, and meat much longer sometimes up to 2 weeks. It takes your body 8 to 12 hours to enter a fasting state. The moment you cease eating, many biological changes start to take place in your body. Eating causes an increase in insulin production to break down glucose in food, which takes almost 10 hours for blood sugar levels to drop.

Next, growth hormones are activated to help build muscles, breaks down fats, and amazingly, help to reverse the signs of aging. This next step is the pot of gold, for anyone on a weight loss mission. Once your body realizes no more food is on the way, it transits from using glucose to breaking down fat for energy. How remarkable, is that?

At the 24-hour mark, the body’s major organs go into a rapid healing state. It is the most powerful way to reset your body, damaged tissue, toxins, tumours, mucus, abscesses, cysts, and fatty deposits are eliminated during the remarkable immune system deep-clean that is activated by fasting.

The fasting-state triggers immune processes that remove poorly-performing toxic cells. Your immune system begins to seek out diseased cells to terminate them and re-allocate nutrients, this process is gradually accelerated, reaching a maximum rate after 4-days abstaining from food. This ‘tunes’ our physiology, allowing only healthy cells to remain operational. Fasting allows the blood to be purified and cleansed, expels heavy metals, restores neurotransmitters, hormonal reset, bad bacteria die off, inflammation significantly reduced and much more.

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