The Dangers On Drinking Milk.

Why do we believe that the milk from a cow, an animal is sufficient to afford nutrition to a human body, then we have to question that…because we are not animals.

Animals produces milk for animal babies.

Human beings that is the woman produces milk for human babies.

So where did it go wrong, that we believe the opposite. We instead, believe  and choose to give our human babies the milk from an animal the cow than the milk from an human being the female.

Now this is very important, the animal that we chose to afford us this milk was an animal that was made through the process of Hybridization (the process of mixing atoms cells to form a chemical bond). A cow was made by man.

Many studies have gone into this, from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

So Dairy products are not good for us. Let me explain:

Cows milk is designed to turn a 65lb calf into a 700lb cow as quickly as possible. Everything in that liquid, the hormones, lipids, protein, sodium, growth factors, IGF1, everything is in there to blow the calf up rapidly.

Whether you churn it into butter or coagulate it into yogurt, or ferment it into cheese or freeze it into ice-cream it is baby calf growth fluid.¬† Not only does it promote the growth of tissues all over the body but this is the milk of a large mammal that just had a baby…well that milk is full of Estrogen¬† (the primary female sex hormone, it is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics.) So modern milk is being sucked off large pregnant cows, so the estrogen content of this liquid is so high. After two glasses of milk your urine is pouring out Estrone (female sex hormone), Progesterone (female sex hormone), Estradiol ( a major female sex hormone), Estriol (again a sex hormone).

This causes women especially to get breast lumps because of the million potent hormones. This is not normal. Causes women to get heavy periods, causes women to have Hysterectomies, Anaemia, makes Asthma worse, Acne, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Sinus problems, Eczema.

So why are we drinking this Milk? It’s a marketing ploy. If you want calcium eat your greens or supplementation.

I hope that this has helped you.

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