Fruits Skins Can Cure Cancer

The Lime fruit

The lime is from the citrus family. The leaf and the skin of the lime is very important to prevent estrogen from getting into the cells of a woman’s system.

Did you know that all the skins of citrus fruits, are made by companies and call it MCP ( Modified Citrus Pectin).

I will now explain to you in a scientific understanding why the skin of a lime or a lemon is so important.

When you have a camouflaged cancer cell moving into your blood, the other protective cells recognise it as a good healthy cell and so the immune system will allow it to pass through. But what the citrus pectin does, once the cells starts to move into the blood as camouflaged cancer cells the skins of the citrus fruits start to unclothe the cancer cells making the unhealthy cells visible, and then the immune system starts to attack them, picking them up and destroy them. So that cancer cells will not move from one place to the next.

They are called acid fruits, but when they enter the body they become alkaline.

So here is what I do. When you wake up in the morning, squeeze a lime or a lemon into a glass of warm water with a pinch a cayenne pepper, and drink it just before you have a meal. So what this does it moves debris from your digestive system, from the day before, and then prepares your stomach for foods. Also it alkalines the blood.

Now what the leaf of the lime does, it helps to prevent colic in babies, it’s also good for colds and the flu. Good for the lungs as they will remove mucus from the body.

So anytime you have citrus, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, lime and lemon skin, don’t throw them away, grind them up into a power and you WILL see how affective they are in keeping cancers from moving from one place to the next.

Hope this has helped, see you again in 2 weeks.

Stay safe and well.

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Hi I am a naturopathic researcher. One which supports and promotes the healthy function of the body...stimulating the body's built-in self healing mechanisms.
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