12 Alkaline Foods That Will Clean, Repair And Produce New Cells In Your Body.

  1. Peaches. The wealth of essential antioxidants and minerals in peaches help in removing the dead cells, as well as hydrating and revitalizing other cells.
  2. Plums are beneficial in strengthening the immune defence of the body due to the presence of high antioxidant content.
  3. Watercress is shown to be effective in reversing DNA damage to white cells.
  4. Cantaloupes, not only have beta-carotene and phytochemicals working in it’s favour against toxins, but they also have a healthy dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants similarly scavenges disease-causing toxins and act as an important line of defence for the cells.
  5. Wakame. Researchers have discovered a compound called fucoxanthin in Wakame that actually inhibits the accumulation of fat in the cells and stimulates fat oxidation.
  6. Oregano is a slightly stimulating agent, which can increase the production of white blood cells and speed up the metabolism, making recovery from illness even faster.
  7. Teff , contain many important compounds, minerals and nutrient that encourages the growth of new cells in the body.
  8. Burro Bananas, contain high iron content which is an essential part of red blood cells. Burro bananas also has a significant content of copper, which is an important element in the creation of red blood cells.
  9. Soursop. Rich in antioxidants, this fruit stimulates the production of white cells, and also helps to get rid of toxins from the cells.
  10. Wild Rice, contain critical components that help develop collagen, which is needed for the creation and the repair of cells of the organs, tissues, and blood vessel walls, helping us to recover from illnesses that we do experience.
  11. Achiote, Norbixin is one of the pigments found in achiote and is known to be a powerful antioxidant.
  12. Himalayan pink salt, helps in alkalizing the cells of the body by facilitating excretion of excess acids through urination. This helps in keeping the body in a alkaline state.

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