Understanding the P.H Factor Brings Healing

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The P.H value, has a lot to do with healing. Did you know that the Courts of Law foundational basis for healing someone legally is quoted in the bible that ” the herbs are for the healing of the nation”. This is very important.

The great Greek Physician Hippocrates also know as the “Father of Medicine” used herbs to cure disease, and that he cured every disease known to man. So why are herbs so important to our health? Life does not exist is in a acid environment, only in a alkaline environment .

It is required of us to maintain a P.H value of 7 or more which is Alkaline. If are internal bodies are 6.9 or less then this is a acid state. So then herbalist started to test different types of herbs to know their p.h value. Garlic, Aloe Vera, Rose hip, Peppermint, even Carrot juice, is extremely acid but yet some of these herbalists are still recommending these herbs.

Some Alkaline herbs are Burdock, yellow dock, Elderberry. So it is really important to know what herbs are Acid to what herbs are Alkaline.

Alkaline based herbs are Electrical, which in turn electrify a human cell, allowing the human cells to do it’s work.

All diseases grow in a acid environment, Cancers love this. Acid produces mucus and mucus produces disease. So once again we need to know what foods that we a putting in our gut. A Alkaline environment does not produce disease.

Next month I will give you herbs and plant based foods that you should eat.

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