Marijuana Should Never Be Smoked ?

There is a mis-conception in regards to what the Bible states that “the herbs are for the healing of the nation”

For example the plant known as Atropa belladonna or better known as Deadly nighshade. Two of the berries can kill a child if eaten. In an adult 10 to 20 can kill. If you touch this deadly plant may be harmful if you have a cut or wound.

My point is not every plant that God made we can eat or smoke.

There is a correlation to food and mental health. The human body has a high moisture content. We are at least 70% blood 70% liquid and that blood permeates the entire system. So naturally it soaks up the mind, soaks up the brain. The brain on a regular basis has 90% blood flow streaming into it but in the brain area the blood circulation slows down more than anywhere else in the body. So if the blood is laden with toxins, those toxins will linger on the brain longer that we would like the to be. We are not only talking about the food toxins that are in a lot of foods these days but environmental hazards and lifestyle hazards that we consume like putting a flame to a herb, burning the marijuana herb. We extract a lot of the toxins out this herb. Now this toxin goes into the bloodstream through the lungs and travels to the brain automatically. So we need to be conscience of how we deal with it.

Marijuana should be consumed live, raw, taken that herb into a juice form or tea, but not boiled as this will not activate the toxins. Remember the more heat that you apply to herbs the more toxins will be released. Herbs are for the healing of the nation and does have very powerful medicinal purposes but also if not prepared correctly can activate the toxic element in the herb as well by going beyond the temperature we apply to that herb in the process making it available to our system by exposing it to a heat that is higher than the highest recorded solar temperature on the planet ever.

So the best way is to juice it, or cold tea, or just eat it raw like we eat any other fresh herb.

It is the same with our foods that we eat, so that blood circulating through the brain, that dense dry foods that are full of toxins, leaving toxins in the brain area, then what happens we shut down our circulatory flow into the brain, less oxygen, less sugar, less protein, then the brain dehydrates dries up in the form of Alzheimer’s or something fatal like an Aneurysm

Until next month, stay save.

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Hi I am a naturopathic researcher. One which supports and promotes the healthy function of the body...stimulating the body's built-in self healing mechanisms.
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