Made You Look !

There is an optical-enhancing flower used for hundreds of years to both enhance eyesight, and soothe tired, sore or inflamed eyes.

Eyebright cleanses and nourishes your eyes, retinas and lenses.

Eyebright’s botanical name is Euphrasia, a large plant family containing nearly 450 different species. Eyebright is also called:

  • Aufraise
  • Augentrostkraut
  • Casse-Lunettes
  • Christ’s Eyes
  • Christ’s Sight
  • Eufrasia
  • Euphraise
  • Herbe d’Euphraise
  • Luminet

Unsurprisingly, eyebright’s name comes from its ability to treat eye infections and improve vision – making your sight clearer. Helps the eyes to absorb more nutrients.


Caffeic – a natural antiseptic that soothes infections.

Essential Fatty Acids – known for preserving eye health.

Flavonoids – like quercetin (reduces allergy symptoms) and rutin (strengthens blood vessels).

Iodine – reduces swelling in and around the eye.

Iridoid Glycosides – are a group of compounds that protect against harmful bacteria.

Minerals – like copper, iron, selenium, silicon and zinc protects against cataracts.

Tannins – dry up mucus secretions from the eye.

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