How To Choose Your Bottled Natural Spring Water

Hello again. Lets continue from my last post.

It is important to understand that not every bottled water that you buy is the same. The quality of the water is not the same. Also never be fooled by those so-called brand names, you need to read the ingredients on the labels to find out what are in them.

I will also show you what they mean and what to avoid.

Remember we need to find out what the pH is of the water that we are drinking. pH stands for potential Hydrogen. The more oxygen and hydrogen in the water, the more alkaline the water is. Anything from 7.5 and above is considered alkaline and anything below this is considered acid which is not good for the body (dead water).

Now all bottled water is considered clean healthy water, but the problem is, the chemicals that they use to purify the water and clean the water, strips the natural spring water from all the vital trace minerals, all the oxygen and the hydrogen. So then any benefit that you could get from the water is now gone.

Lets remember here we need to good clean alkaline water to think clearly, to digest your food, to regulate your breathing, to regulate the heart beat. The body burns water for everything, so the consumption of water is very important. If you don’t consume enough water, then your body will take water from your bones and that’s where arthritis will start to form. Then other complications will start to form. All this from being dehydrated. If you get sick, it is because your body is dehydrated and not alkaline. So clean, healthy spring water plays a very important part in staying healthy.

Now the process that these water companies use to clean the water is called reverse osmosis, but what they use is chemicals and electricity to purify the water, to trick us into thinking that the bottled water that drink has a pH of 7.5 or more.

Remember from my last post natural spring water should have only hydrogen, oxygen and trace minerals. If your water on the label has ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate which is baking soda, Calcium Chloride which is a food preservative and it is also used to clean concrete. Fluoride which destroys the pineal gland in the brain. So we need to ask ourselves the question why do they need to put these chemicals into our natural healthy water? It is because if a company has acidic water which is below the 7.5, for argument sake 5.2, they will then add a measure of the sodium bicarbonate and the calcium chloride, which if they get it right will rise to a 7.5 or more on a pH sale and get a pass with the regulated water authorities. You are then buying the chemicals that they put into the water, instead of the water itself. So we need to buy water without these chemicals in them.

Avoid at all cost from drinking tap water. Why? because tap water is just recycled water, such as your shower, dishwasher, car wash, toilet water etc. It all goes to the waste water disposal plant, they clean it with lots of chemicals, bleaches etc, then push it right back into our homes. But there will still be deadly particles such as toilet paper, mercury that shrinks the brain causing Alzheimer’s dementia that gets left behind in the recycled water. So over a span of time this will have a damaging affect on the body.

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