Healing a common cold

If you suffer from a common cold, the best solution is to let the cold come out…don’t supress it, don’t try to stop it. Having a cold is a good thing, because the body is telling you that it needs to detoxify itself. That the body is trying to get rid of something through the mucus discharge.

Mucus is the first line of defence to catch the bodies toxins (harmful germs), so that it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. So the mucus discharge is a necessary reaction by the body, in order to make sure it stays healthy…cleaning the inside of your body. So we need to support the body’s effort to cleanse itself and to strengthen the immune system but not to supress it by taking pharmaceutical drugs, such as painkillers, lemsips, nasal sprays etc.

Colds have been know to strengthen the immune system once the toxins have been successfully removed from the body…but if you try to stop that, then what happens is the toxins that the body is trying to eliminate will venture deeper into the connective tissues such as the organs in the body. Remember these toxins could have been stored in the body for a season or even up to a year, so having a cold is a good way of getting rid of these deadly toxins.

So drink plenty of fluids, such as Luke – water. You can put lemon and honey in it. Chicken soups are very good but organic. The lemon helps to breakdown the mucus so that it comes out faster. Coughing is good as this helps clear toxins and mucus from the lungs. So do not try to stop this by taking cough syrups as it will supress it.

Spend a lot of time out in the sun to get the Vitamin D back up…as we only really get a cold when the Vitamin D level in our body is low.

Avoid sugar and dairy products when you have a cold, because this increases mucus secretions, but honey is ok. Take a lot of rest.


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Hi I am a naturopathic researcher. One which supports and promotes the healthy function of the body...stimulating the body's built-in self healing mechanisms.
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