Grey Hair And Copper

The belief system has it that you are growing old or your are wise if you have grey hair.

The belief system has it that a lady is getting old if she has sagging breasts.

Well I can tell you that this is false information driven by doctors and the media, and the media is such a powerful tool for mind control. They have this way of seductive deception of the mind. The art of what I call The Law of Repetitiveness. Someone tells you something, at first your brain cell receptors might reject it, but if you keep on hearing the same information over a period of time then your brain cell receptors unlock the door to receiving the new information, and then we will believe a thing.

If you have grey hair, or your hair is very dry and brittle. Or your skin around your eyes are sagging and varicose veins. The cause of this will be a deficiency in copper in your diet. A copper deficiency can also cause nose bleeds or a large artery blowout in the brain. People also with violent tempers usually have a copper deficiency.

If you start to consume 2 copper and zinc tablets before your meal then by 3 months or less your grey hair should turn back to its original colour, your varicose veins will start to repair, your breasts tissue including men will stop sagging and start to become firm, healthy to its normal look. Many of you might not believe this but this is the science that has been proven but hidden. If you have a low blood sugar level its also because of a copper deficiency.

A lack of copper in a diet can causes 27 more mental and physical diseases. It causes the pain of arthritis and it causes Cirrhosis or the liver. It amazes me that 99% of the doctors would not tell you that because they do not even know about this.

A deficiency of copper in your diet is the cause of a ruptured disc, because the discs in your back are made up of copper. So if you don’t have enough copper in your diet then the discs in your back can rupture. So it is important that you have enough copper in your diet to protect your back. Even most chiropractors do not know that a deficiency in copper is what causes the spontaneous rupture of spinal discs. So if while under the care of a chiropractor you must consume copper for 2 months.

Please remember that a doctor while studying in medical only gets about 1 hour of training in nutrition. Their focus is the pharmaceutical drugs.

Stay safe and eat well until next time.

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If you want to know what kind of damage garlic is doing to you then, make 1 ounce of garlic juice and drink it in an empty stomach and see. We would have to take you to the hospital for a stomach wash.

Garlic when it gets into the blood is a deadly poison. Garlic has a toxic compound called Sulphone hydroxyl. It passes the blood brain barrier. That means that you can rub a clove of garlic on your foot and shortly after you can smell it on your wrists.

It carries past the corpus callosum and poisons both brain left and right hemispheres. What would show up on a EEG machine just by a few drops of a garlic salad dressing, that your reaction time would be 3 times slower, and that garlic usually desynchronizes your brain waves. This means it makes your alpha waves go away and replaces it with beta waves, which then make you tense and anxious. Studies from Stanford University have shown that garlic destroys tens of thousands of brain cells just from a small amount that you consumed in a salad dressing. It penetrates the cell wall and so destroys our cells.

People will say “but garlic is good for you, and good for colds”. Well it isn’t.

In World war 1 and 2, bullets used to be rubbed in garlic, so that when a soldier fired his gun he didn’t need to aim for the heart to kill him but aim for any part of the body, as the bullet entered the body the garlic once entering the blood would kill him. The CIA are trained to use garlic rubbed on the end of a dart gun. They would also use Oleander leaves just using 3 leaves will kill an adult. They would also your water with an infusion of nicotine which is another deadly poison of the blood.

Garlic is used by gardeners to kill insects, if they don’t want to use chemicals on their plants.

The reason why your breath and armpits will smell of garlic once consumed is because the body has rejected it and see’s it as a poison that it needs to get rid from the body.

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One third of adults have high blood pressure and, despite the $27 billion spent every year on medications, it’s the leading cause of premature death worldwide.

I will tell you how to naturally support your cardiovascular system and prevent your pressure from getting out of control.

What is Hypertension?

Blood transports nutrients in a closed system that needs a constant pressure to deliver substances to your cells. If the pressure gets too high it damages blood vessels and puts strain on the heart.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, increases the risk of other conditions:

Aneurysms and blood vessel damage

Heart attack and heart disease

Vision loss and impaired vision

Cognitive loss and memory issues

Dementia, stroke and brain damage

Metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Know Your Numbers

You can easily determine your own blood pressure yourself – with a personal blood pressure device, at a clinic or pharmacy. The reading consists of:

Systolic Pressure – the force of blood when the heart is beating (the top number. )

Diastolic Pressure – the force of blood when resting between beats (bottom number. )

It is the systolic (beating heart) pressure that more accurately describes heart health.

Normal Blood Pressure – is less than 120/80 – this is ideal and lower is ok too.

Prehypertension – between 120-129/80-89 – take action to prevent problems.

Stage 1 High Blood Pressure – between 130-139/80-89 – immediate action needed.

Stage 2 High Blood Pressure – 140 or higher/90 or higher – seek support urgently.

Risk Factors

Multiple factors contribute to hypertension;

Diet – poor diet (table salt, sugar, processed and acidic food) is the number one cause of blood pressure problems. Mucus producing food clogs blood vessels and causes inflammation, so the heart has to increase pressure to get essential nutrients into cells.

Plaque – blood vessel damage is temporarily repaired with waxy cholesterol (smoothing over cracks) but this hardens into plaques that cause obstructions and can break off, potentially causing a heart attack.

Malnutrition – arteries often harden as we age, but this is the result of mineral malnutrition, not simply the passage of time. Insufficient alkalizing minerals lead to mineral deposits that obstruct blood flow.

Pregnancy – the need for additional blood and oxygen for the unborn baby puts a greater strain on the heart, so it pumps harder and the pressure goes up.

Obesity – as weight increases so does the need for blood and oxygen, so the heart pumps harder to ensure all cells are nourished.

Inactivity – less active people usually have higher heart rate and blood pressure. The heart is a muscle that needs to be kept fit!

Alcohol – just one alcoholic drink a day increases your risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues.

Tobacco – smoking inflames the walls of your blood vessels, constricting the flow of blood and increasing blood pressure.

Medications – birth control pills release hormones that constrict blood vessels, resulting in higher blood pressure. Unfortunately, water supplies are often contaminated with these and other hormones.

Metals – aluminium, cadmium, mercury and heavy metals reduce the protective effects of omega-3 fats. Metals increase inflammation and stress hormones, making the heart beat faster and increasing pressure.

Managing Pressure Naturally

It’s entirely possible to get your blood pressure under control with lifestyle modifications:

Eliminate – ditch the white refined sugar and table salt (that means all processed foods) as they spike blood pressure. If by any reason you need sugar in your tea or coffee use only unrefined cane sugar and pink Himalayan salt or sea salt. Reduce portion size (overeating adds strain to the system).

Cleanse – your digestive system needs to be clean!

Hydrate – drinking enough water is critical. Medications for high blood pressure often mimic the effects of hydration. Drink natural mineral water and alkaline smoothies.

Nourish – consume alkaline fruits and veggies, including: leafy greens, grapes (seeded), oranges, peaches and tomatoes – they protect your blood vessels from the build up of plaque.

Exercise – regular exercise strengthens your heart, which means it’s able to transport blood with less effort and adapt to stress. Consistently walking 30 minutes a day is enough to lower blood pressure.

Relax – when you’re stressed your body releases hormones that elevate heart rate and pressure. Seek out ways to calm down, unwind, chill out, have fun.

Monitor – pay attention to your blood pressure to see improvements.

Support – alkaline herbs can dilate blood vessels and reduce inflammation while softening plaque – try basil, cayenne, fennel, oregano, and yellow dock. The essential mineral Selenium is a very powerful mineral to reduce the risk of heart disease and all cancers.

By consuming bio-electric organic plants and herbs you ensure the heart has sufficient nutrition for the 2.5 billion beats you need this lifetime.

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The Power Of Blue Vervain And It’s Health Benefits

Coronavirus has put the fear and death to many, but there is a plant that grows mainly in north America, north Africa, and southern Europe, that can cure the coronavirus and other diseases. Some of it’s benefits include destroying cancer cells, nerve cell protection, insomnia, and removes the mucus from the body.

The most common flower colours are blue-violet, purple, coral, red and pink. It has contains over 20 beneficial plant compounds, including iridoid glycosides, flavonoids, and triterpenoids which helps inhibit tumour grow and induce the death of cancerous cells by more than 30%.

Vervain extract may benefit certain neurological or brain-related conditions. Studies have shown that vervain’s glycoside may significantly improve brain damage after a stroke. It promotes the development of new blood vessels in the brain – which supply it with oxygen – and improves its mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial are in charge of energy production in your cells, and they need oxygen to do so. Without oxygen, energy production decreases, leading to issues in regular cellular activity and potentially the development of many diseases of the nervous system.

Thus, vervain ensures sufficient energy and blood supply to the brain, improving function after a stroke.

What’s more, the extract may protect against the loss of brain cells or neurons in Alzheimer’s disease.

Vervain has long been used in medicine as a relaxant or nerve tonic. It has an anxiety-reducing effect comparable to diazepam, a popular drug used to reduce anxiety. May also help manage convulsions and seizures in those with neurological diseases such as epilepsy.

It also has anti-inflammatory activity to reduce swelling caused by fluid retention.

Supports gum health against chronic gingivitis or gum inflammation.

Supports heart health. Reduces heart tissue death and damage from inadequate blood supply.

Now in Ethiopia, the leaves are used to treat ear infections, while the root is used to treat tonsils inflammation and ascariasis – a disease caused by the parasite Ascaris lumbricoides that can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Vervain is also traditionally used as a galactagogue, a substance that increases milk production in breastfeeding women.

The flowers are also used as a garnish in cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

Back to Coronavirus. How to make it. If you can buy the whole plant from it’s roots if not, then I normally buy from the website called Etsy. Organic Wildcrafted Blue Vervain herb.

Wash the plant thoroughly. Then put for example 5 cups – to 15 cups of water it into a pan and bring it to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for approximately 30 minutes until the colour gets darker.

Drink only a quarter cup every 4 hours, for about 3 – 4 days. Store what’s left in the fridge. It can be consumed cold or hot. By the 3rd day the virus is gone but you need to continue for a full recovery.

Now after that take 1 tablespoon 3 times per day, up to 2 months. Drink a lot of bottled spring water not tap water.

Please remember do not overdose on the amount taken each day.

This will attack and remove the mucus from the lungs, this is what leads to the death of many of the Coronavirus.

For a normal daily drink

Try 2 to 4g daily in 1 full cup of water.

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How To Choose Your Bottled Natural Spring Water

Hello again. Lets continue from my last post.

It is important to understand that not every bottled water that you buy is the same. The quality of the water is not the same. Also never be fooled by those so-called brand names, you need to read the ingredients on the labels to find out what are in them.

I will also show you what they mean and what to avoid.

Remember we need to find out what the pH is of the water that we are drinking. pH stands for potential Hydrogen. The more oxygen and hydrogen in the water, the more alkaline the water is. Anything from 7.5 and above is considered alkaline and anything below this is considered acid which is not good for the body (dead water).

Now all bottled water is considered clean healthy water, but the problem is, the chemicals that they use to purify the water and clean the water, strips the natural spring water from all the vital trace minerals, all the oxygen and the hydrogen. So then any benefit that you could get from the water is now gone.

Lets remember here we need to good clean alkaline water to think clearly, to digest your food, to regulate your breathing, to regulate the heart beat. The body burns water for everything, so the consumption of water is very important. If you don’t consume enough water, then your body will take water from your bones and that’s where arthritis will start to form. Then other complications will start to form. All this from being dehydrated. If you get sick, it is because your body is dehydrated and not alkaline. So clean, healthy spring water plays a very important part in staying healthy.

Now the process that these water companies use to clean the water is called reverse osmosis, but what they use is chemicals and electricity to purify the water, to trick us into thinking that the bottled water that drink has a pH of 7.5 or more.

Remember from my last post natural spring water should have only hydrogen, oxygen and trace minerals. If your water on the label has ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate which is baking soda, Calcium Chloride which is a food preservative and it is also used to clean concrete. Fluoride which destroys the pineal gland in the brain. So we need to ask ourselves the question why do they need to put these chemicals into our natural healthy water? It is because if a company has acidic water which is below the 7.5, for argument sake 5.2, they will then add a measure of the sodium bicarbonate and the calcium chloride, which if they get it right will rise to a 7.5 or more on a pH sale and get a pass with the regulated water authorities. You are then buying the chemicals that they put into the water, instead of the water itself. So we need to buy water without these chemicals in them.

Avoid at all cost from drinking tap water. Why? because tap water is just recycled water, such as your shower, dishwasher, car wash, toilet water etc. It all goes to the waste water disposal plant, they clean it with lots of chemicals, bleaches etc, then push it right back into our homes. But there will still be deadly particles such as toilet paper, mercury that shrinks the brain causing Alzheimer’s dementia that gets left behind in the recycled water. So over a span of time this will have a damaging affect on the body.

See you in 2 weeks

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The Importance Of Drinking Spring Water

Spring Water provides much needed oxygen to the body and brain, aids in good digestion, helps maintain a healthy weight, and taste great.

Water is Life. The human body is comprised of 65% water and it cannot survive without it for any great length of time. Water needs to be absorbed several times a day in order to stay healthy. While the body can go 3 weeks without food. It cannot go more than 3 days without water.

Studies have shown that women need to drink 2,2 litres of water a day while men need 3 litres. The difference is due to the fact that men, on average, have more fat-free body mass and higher expenditure of energy. because it’s important to hydrate the body frequently, it’s also a good idea to be doing so with the water that is best for the body.

So between Spring, mineral and distilled, which is the healthiest choice for the human anatomy?

Spring Water is characterised by it’s purity at source, it’s content of minerals and trace elements. Magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium are the main minerals found in spring water. The World Health Organization stated that the incidence of osteoporosis and heart disease might be notably reduced by drinking waters with reasonable concentration of magnesium and calcium.

Mineral Water is spring that has had more minerals added to it, this is not necessary and not good for example, sometimes you will see added sodium bicarbonate this not good for the body and it is only used to by some bottle water companies so that they can get to the p.H scale recommended alkaline level.

Distilled Water is water that has been boiled into a vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. With this though distilled water is water that has been stripped of all impurities, including minerals and microorganisms. So it is basically what I would call dead water.

So without a doubt spring water is the winner. It is considered the best water to drink, providing vital nutrients as it moves through the body.

This is of course buying spring water that is bottled at the source and proven to be actual living spring water. Only 55% of the bottled water that claims to be spring water actually is bona fide spring water. 45% is just treated tap water. This does not give us the same benefits.

In 2 weeks I will explain to you what to look out for on their bottled water labels and how to spot the dead water.

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People have been enhancing their health by walking barefoot since the dawn of history.

Earthing, or ‘grounding’ is when your skin is in direct contact with the Earth, a simple practice that fights inflammation and alkalinizes your body.

Positively Charged

We are talking about an expression or an electrical connection with life.

Grounding is a bio-electic connection between your body and the earth, via your bare skin. Grounding happens when we walk barefoot, garden with bare hands, or touch a tree. But how does it work?

Positive ions are found in higher concentrations in cities, offices, and industrial zones, and are absorbed directly into our bloodstream from the air. In the body, positive ions become free radicals, causing oxidative damage, inflammation, and a more acidic pH. They can contribute to:







Low energy


Mood swings

Getting Grounded

Negative ions are atoms with a negative charge; there found in higher concentrations in natural environments like beaches, forests, mountains and waterfalls. Our health improves when we’re exposed to negative ions, and grounding is one of the best ways to absorb them. When our bare skin comes into contact with the ground, negative ions are transferred from the earth into our bodies – and positive ions are transferred from our bodies into the earth.

We were taught that we are bioelectrical beings – our brain, heart, and cells need a negative bioelectrical charge to function. This is why negative ions recharge us. Just as we thrive from alkaline electric foods, because they enhance our cell’s ability to conduct bioelectric energy, we also thrive when we’re connected to the earth’s bioelectric charge.

To ground yourself, simply take off your shoes and touch the natural ground with your bare feet, for example, in your garden, a park, beach, or forest.


Alkalinizing: Absorbing negative ions into our body neutralizes the acidic free radical we’re exposed to from food and the environment.

Antioxidant: Negative ions function like antioxidants in the body, fighting free radicals and oxidative stress.

Anti-inflammatory: Free radicals create inflammation and have a positive charge; when we ground, they’re neutralized and transferred out of the body towards the earth’s negative charge.

Calmer Mind: Negative ions deliver oxygen to our brains, helping us achieve calmer mental states, allowing our minds to function more efficiently in a state of balanced alertness.

Cell Rejuvenation: Negative ions energize mitochondria which is known as the powerhouse of the cell. They are organelles that act like a digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell. They also improve cellular function and revitalize our muscle tissue and organs.

Improves Sleep Quality: People who are grounded experience lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels during night-time, leading to more relaxation around bedtime and ultimately better sleep quality.

Improved Immune Function: Increased negative ions in the human body correspond to increased antibodies in the blood and enhanced immune function.

Reduced Depression & Stress: Negative ions are natural antidepressants and one of the main reasons it feels so good to be outdoors and in the sun.

See you again in 2 weeks

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How Good Is Seaweed?

It is very good for you. It is known to destroy levels of radiation that is found in our bodies over a period of time by our use of mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi environments, microwave ovens etc.

Seaweed is a rich source of antioxidants.

Helps to promote Thyroid function, helps people with depression, low energy, dry skin, tingling in the hands and feet, forgetfulness. It can even help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Strengthens your immune system. Also helps to improve Gut health, which can prevent constipation and ensure smooth digestion, because it contains agars, carrageenans and fucoidans, which are thought to act as prebiotics.

Can also reduce the risk of Cancer, such as breast, colon and thyroid cancers.

Can help reduce the risk of developing bone and inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Skin damage caused by UVB rays from the sun.

Seaweed is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine that’s rapidly gaining popularity among health-conscious Westerners.

Eating seaweed is a super healthy and nutritious way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Eating it regularly will boost your health and protect you from certain diseases.

Seaweed is a general term used to describe many different species of algae and marine plants.

Edible seaweed is classified by colour. The most commonly eaten types are red, green, blue-green and brown.

There are many varieties of edible seaweed in the world, here are a few of the most common:

Nori: A red algae commonly sold in dried sheets and used to roll sushi.

Sea Lettuce: A type of green nori that looks like lettuce leaves. Eaten raw in salads or cooked soups.

Kelp: A brown algae usually dried into sheets and added to dishes during cooking. Can also be used as a gluten-free alternative to noodles.

Kombu: A type of kelp with a strong flavour. It’s often picked or used to make soup stock.

Arame: A different type of kelp with a mild, sweet flavour and firm texture.

Wakame: A brown algae commonly used to make fresh seaweed salad. It can also be cooked in stews and soups.

Dulse: A red algae with a softer, chewier texture. It is used to add flavour to a variety of dishes and may be eaten as a dried snack.

Chlorella: A green, edible freshwater algae often sold as a supplement in a powdered form.

Agar and Carrageenan: These jelly-like substances obtained from algae are used as plant-based binding and thickening agents in a variety of commercially sold food products.

It is high in Nutrients

Seaweed is rich in various minerals and trace elements. In fact, it often contains higher levels of these nutrients than most other foods.

For this reason, many consider seaweed to be vegetables of the sea.

Generally, 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of seaweed provides you with :

Calories: 45

Carbs: 10 grams

Protein: 2 grams

Fat: 1 gram

Fibre: 14-35% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)

Magnesium 27-180 of the RDI

Vitamin K: 7-80% of the RDI

Manganese: 10-70% of the RDI

Iodine: 1-65% of the RDI

Sodium: 10-70 of the RDI

Calcium: 15-60% of the RDI

Folate: 45-50% of the RDI

Iron: 3-20% of the RDI

Copper: 6-15% of the RDI

Also small amounts of other nutrients such as Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins A,C,E, phosphorus, B vitamins and choline.

Dried algae is more concentrated in nutrients. One tablespoon (8grams) is sufficient to provide most of the nutrients amounts listed above.

I would try to eat 1 dried sheet of seaweed each day.

I hope this as helped you. See you in 2 weeks.

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The Importance Of Vitamin D

The Sun is so important to us. Let me explain.

When we are exposed to sunlight for a period of time and we see our skin getting darker or tanned, what is happening in the skin? The sun is making a hormone in the skin upon contact called Colecalciferol. Colecalciferol is a hormone made in the skin by our contact with the elements of the sun which is UVB light. This hormone then converts itself in the liver to another hormone that is called Vitamin D. Yes vitamin D is a hormone. It is not a vitamin but a hormone.

We were originally were led to believe that vitamin D was for just for our bones. We now know that not just for our bones which is very important but all over our brain we have vitamin D receptors, all over our lungs we vitamin D receptors, all over our muscles we have vitamin D receptors, your brain, lungs, skin, liver, heart and muscles all need vitamin D which remember is a hormone made by the sun. WHY?

Vitamin D will connect itself to another Vitamin called vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) which is one of the most important vitamins for human life. It is necessary for making blood cells, and helps you covert food you eat into energy. When this connection happens they produce a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine (ACh), which is made from nerve cells to send signals to other cells, such as neurons, muscle cells and gland cells. It also regulates the minute-to-minute changes in heart rate. What else does ACh do? It gives you the ability to sleep and repair, and it also gives you the ability for all of you automatic functions in the body to work. Such as your heart, breathing, nervous system. ACh is on the smooth muscle fabrics of your lungs. There is right now as you read this trillions or work and chemical interactions going on in the body all due to vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps with your balance, it also helps you to loss weight.

So how do we get high levels of this neurotransmitter? By going outside!

People who don’t go outside are prone to get sick, and depression sets in. You produce less ACh that makes you active, and sleep well etc. You produce less vitamin D because you are not getting enough sunlight. So basically sunlight is nutrition.


This would lower your levels of Acetylcholine, your neurotransmitter, lower your levels of vitamin D, lower your levels of natural interaction with the sun, trees and sun light. Then your immune system will become weaker.

So remember every time that we are put into a lockdown our immune system will get weaker. Vitamin D deficiency affects your fertility. If we stay inside we are more susceptible to get Pneumonia because less ACh is being made to protect the smooth fabrics of your lungs.

Also if we wear a mask we lower our oxygen content and increase our carbon dioxide content which is unhealthy to our bodies. Masks do not protect you. So we need to go outside. At least 1 hour per day.

ACh operates throughout the frontal lobe of the brain. People who cannot focus or children with ADHD, ADD is because they are not getting enough sunlight to produce vitamin D that leads to the neurotransmitter so that they can get cognitive focus. People who cannot focus is because they have low ACh. Anxiety disorder and brain fog is also due to a low ACh.

Dairy causes inhibition of the production of the vitamin D going through its phases to produce ACh. Cheese, milk, butter and yogurt are not good for us. Dairy is the number 1 cause of the deficiency of ACh. It also interferes with our digestive trac.

Foods to eat to help produce Choline that helps to produce the neurotransmitter also is avocado, grapes, dates, prunes, citrus fruits, olives, rapeseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil.

Vitamin D and ACh also work together to populate and make your cell membrane receptors, so vitamin D is a synthesizer of protein, it helps make what’s on the receptor of the cell to strengthen our immune system.

With low Vitamin D and ACh. the pancreas could start to fail, heart rate could slow down, digestive system will become disrupted.

Another way to make more of this neurotransmitter is Vitamin D and Coenzyme A (Vitamin B5) which is found in nearly all vegetables and fruits.

The human body is a self-repairing organism, it is so complex, but it needs Vitamin D. It helps you sleep, why because it helps the body to repair. The ACh will help to put the body in what we call REM sleep. It paralyze your muscles so that the body can self-repair.

Sun gazing helps to activate Vitamin A which is also important.

So I hope that this has helped you. See you in 2 weeks.

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Breathing In Energy

Did you know that oxygen provides 90% of your energy, and only 10 % comes from food? Oxygen is a nutrient and a fuel that detoxifies the blood and enhances cellular rejuvenation.

Your respiratory system transports oxygen to your blood; slow and deep breaths help increase your oxygen levels. Elevating blood oxygen levels boosts your energy, lifts your mood, makes you feel physically stronger and emotionally calmer. Even minor changes have a significant impact because oxygen fuels life.

“It is oxygen that the body needs not rice or a piece of meat”

Energy From the Air

After air enters your lungs, the red blood cells can extract oxygen-using iron to hold onto oxygen molecules. Mitochondria (cell powerhouses) use oxygen to obtain energy from food. Car engines operate in a similar way-mixing petrol with air in a combustion chamber to release energy. Your cells don’t combust, but they do need air!

Most people don’t breathe enough. Stressed shallow breaths don’t deliver the oxygen we need.

Do you sometimes feel very tired?

Suffering Slowly

When oxygen levels drop( high elevation, high altitude), symptoms include weakness, confusion and extreme tiredness. Poor concentration, forgetfulness, and depressive thoughts are early warning signs of altitude sickness.

The brain doesn’t store energy, so a lack of oxygen is deadly. Any limitation of oxygen for a prolonged period of time deprives the brain of fuel (it uses 20% of your energy). Memory, judgement, and alertness quickly decreases when we’re not oxygenated enough.

Causes of Low Blood Oxygen:

Asphyxiation: build-up of lung mucus physically stops air moving.

Deforestation: fewer trees means less oxygen, this is worse in urban areas.

Dehydration: blood and lymph need fluid to flow, and deliver oxygen.

Elevation: being at high elevation reduces oxygen, but we do slowly adapt.

Lungs: smoke, and particles, reduce lung function, irritating cells.

Nutrition: iron is a critical mineral for transporting oxygen to cells.

Pollution: burning fossil fuels has reduced atmospheric oxygen by 2%.

Stagnation: stale air has less oxygen and more contaminants.

Healing with Oxygen

The link between oxygen and health seems obvious. A lack of oxygen is linked to cancer, leukaemia, candida and epilepsy. A lack of oxygen stresses the body and limits the energy available to heal properly. Try meditation and gentle exercise to boost your oxygen levels.

The cells heal themselves by allowing oxygen.

Benefits of Elevating Oxygen

Boost concentration, enhance focus, elevate mental energy.

Enhance mental performance, memory recall, and capacity.

Greater muscular strength, and enhanced endurance.

Improve concentration, and feel more alert.

Increase fat burning and metabolic efficiency.

Reduce stress, relieve tension headaches, calm anxiety.

Recover quicker after exercise, prevent lactic acid build-up

Strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, and cleanse the blood.

Removing mucus lets oxygen in, by oxygenation-removing mucus chocking the oxygen supply. Drinking plenty of natural spring water helps the process of eliminating stagnant mucus, not to mention that you need oxygen to make water, so make sure that you stay hydrated.

Inhaling More Oxygen

Getting more oxygen into your cells is very important

Breathing: Deeper, fuller, slower breaths of fresh air (fully expand lungs and diaphragm). Go outside to refresh, relax, and oxygenate your cells. Exhale the stale air out, and take deep breaths to bring fresh air in.

Exercise: Movement needs energy, making us breathe more. training the lungs and heart by building up endurance increases oxygen efficiency.

Membranes: Oxygen enters the blood via moist air-sacs lining the lungs (alveoli). Hydration, and smoke-free lungs, enhance the efficiency of oxygen exchange on the membrane.

Nutrition: Red blood cells contain 270 million units of haemoglobin, each with iron at its core. Iron has two electrical states allowing it to pick-up and put-down oxygen (like an electromagnet). Eat Iron-Rich foods, like leafy greens, to increase your iron levels.

Unfortunately, fresh air, exercise, and hydration have minimal impact if you lack iron. Over 25% of humanity has insufficient red blood cells (anaemia), mainly due to iron deficiency. Lack of iron makes life tiring, movement draining, sleep impossible, and moods unstable-because the body cannot breathe. Also makes people who lack iron have an arched back.

See you again in two weeks.

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