The dangers Of Titanium Dioxide…

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Today we are going to talk about the dangers of titanium dioxide in our foods.

Titanium Dioxide is a micro particle used as a whitening pigment mostly for paint. It is also used in packaged foods to make them look whiter and brighter. It is in sun cream.¬†The American Cancer Institute ranked titanium dioxide in the top 5 carcinogenic substances in the world…It causes cancer, reproductive toxicity, interferes with immunity,¬†links to colon cancer, I.B.S, Crohn’s Disease.

It acts as a transporter of bacterial toxins into the wall of the gut.

It is in our yogurts, white cheese, ketchup, sweets, chewing gum, some vitamins, toothpaste, shower gels.

So why is it in our foods?

So at all cost avoid these foods and always check the labels.

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